• Supporting those affected by the misery of stigma and exclusion

Qultura's Philosophy

Throughout our history and development we have always been an organization which promotes human individuality and creativity. One of the reasons why Stella Baker, our Primary Administrator who set up Qultura together with David Fisher (a trustee) was that it would serve as a vehicle for her Theory of Creativity and Energy Spectrum. Additionally a belief in human individuality is our stock response to social stigma and such a belief is necessary to promote social mobility, cultural development and social progress.

Social stigma is based on social and cultural beliefs which place people into over-simplified categories and this is these categories which label, stereotype and ultimately stigmatize people, causing them to judge each other according to certain criteria such as physical appearance, skin colour, physical ability, sex, social status, material income, background, even the clothes someone wears. As a result people end up judging each other and themselves according to these broda, over-simplified categories. Much of this social stigma is to create a social hierarchy where some people have privilege and have access to social, economic and political power to which other people, who are placed at a disadvantage and are more marginalized, do not.

However nature doesn't deal in categories, but across a broad spectrum. Human individuality is scientific reality and from this we get the concept of genuine equality. We may not be equal in terms of physical appearance and ability, but we are equal in terms of being individual. It doesn't matter who you are you can only be yourself, i.e. one person and irrespective of who you are there has never been anyone else quite like you in the entire history of Mankind, nor will there be anyone else like you at any point in the future. Everything about you, your life history, your life experience, memories, levels of consciousness, DNA, genes, everything is unique and individual only to you. This is what gives you your perspective on life, which is also unique and individual to you.

It doesn't matter who you are or what circumstances you find yourself in, you have a unique and individual perspective on life and the world which can be shared with others and you also have value. Early on in our development as an organization we discovered that bringing different people together in a social context in an egalitarian environment was an incredibly effective counter to social stigma and that diversity in participation in various projects had a generally empowering and positive influence on people who are affected by social exclusion and social stigma. It was also effective in promoting social mobility.

Having this awareness and experience Qultura does not look upon anyone as being anything other than individual. We do not judge, we do not seek to label anyone, stigmatize anyone, and we work to avoid wherever possible creating artificial and arbitrary barriers, hierarchies, power dynamics, or any other construct which can potentially cause people to label or stigmatize others. Access to our networks, our support asnd our opportunities is provided free of charge without any membership fees, subscriptions or any obligation to buy anything or pay for anything. All we ask in return is that you respect the egalitarian aspects of our community and environments which are based on mutual support, reciprocity, maintaining good relationships and primary social interaction - that is social interaction which is positive, pleasant and reaffirming.