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Reality comes in just three different versions. There's actual reality, or reality reality, the reality which doesn't come with any labels or cultural references, and that is the reality of the universe. This is so big and so vast that neither you nor I can envisage it. Trust me. If the entire solar system evaporated suddenly into nothing, a few particles of dust, it wouldn't even register. It's just a speck in the whole universe. Think of just a millimetre of one line in the palm of your hand relative to your entire body. Actual reality is never going to be fully understood or explained because the universe is a multidimensional continuum of sensation and experience and individual conscious attention is linear in nature.

This is the reality which is constantly changing, different within a split second, much less than the blink of an eye. Let's say it were possible to learn to memorize every single web address of every single website on the internet, worldwide, in every language, and all its contents, the amount of knowledge you would have is still miniscule in comparison to the amount of knowledge from consciousness out in the universe.

But this is all just consciousness, energy and space. It's all molecules, atoms, all whizzing about in space. This isn't exactly how human beings see living existence. We see life in terms of language, culture, images, symbols, beliefs, labels and categories. This gives us the other version of reality which we can call cultural reality.

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Besides money, God is probably the best known example of cultural reality there is on the planet. Does God exist? The simple answer is yes. But I hope nobody is going to disagree with me when I state that God exists as a clear example of cultural reality. Billions of people all over the planet believe in God or a Creator or Supreme Being and if that's what gets them through life then personally I think it's cool. If you don't believe in God then that's also cool, because God is still an aspect of cultural reality which is getting you through life. The problems start when people start confusing the different versions of reality and start believing that there really is a bearded elderly guy living in the clouds who's in charge of the whole universe and that their version of God is the only God that matters. Not cool.


It's the exact same situation with money, which is another widely known aspect of cultural reality. Money is another aspect of cultural reality which is very useful and necessary. I mean, can you imagine how long it would take to do shopping in a supermarket if there wasn't such a thing as money and you had to pay by 'alternative means'? Imagine all the waiting in line at the checkout, the constant moaning and groaning, the arguments over clothing and who was wearing what and then you have the issues of contraception and getting turned on. Trust me, money makes things a great deal simpler.

However once again money becomes the source of so many issues between people when people start confusing the different forms of reality when it comes to money and treating money as if it was actually real, physical and finite. There's never been a question to destroy so many opportunities as the question "Where is the money going to come from?" or people valuing money much more than they value anything else up to and including human life. Think about all the people out there who think it's somehow okay if other people die just so they can save a few quid or make that little bit extra money. Think about all those people who think it's okay to throw people out onto the street and make them homeless just to keep the property values up.

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Clearing up the confusion over reality

When I first developed Creative Law which made things for many people irrationally simple I also developed the Triangular Relationship. I find most people are totally confused when it comes to dealing with reality and they seem to have this idea that you somehow get to change the reality as it appears to you in your mind and that it's somehow okay to force change on other people. This is not how reality works.

The Triangular Relationship

The Triangular Relationship is a simple diagram based on Natural Law - what Einstein termed the Theory of Relativity, or E=MC2. I covered this in the section on interdependency. You exist in a constant relationship with the universe, this planet which on the one hand makes up actual reality, and then you are also relative to every other human being on the planet, including every other human being in your environment and your relationship to other human beings makes up cultural reality. These are the two forms of reality you cannot change and have no influence over. Sure you can have an opinion about God, about money, about other people and about this planet, but you cannot change their reality or the fact that they exist.

Individual reality

But then there's the version of reality which you can change, which is unique and individual and known only to you, and that is your individual reality. This version of reality is based entirely on your perspective on life and living existence, which is known only to you and which is also unique and individual to you. Nobody else shares this version of reality. Nobody else is you. Nobody else can be you, just as you cannot be anyone else or anyone other than who you are in reality.

But this will become much clearer to you if you click on the buttons below and follow the link on life and and then further on thought. You can also go back if you need to and refresh your memory about Creative Law.

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