Reclaiming experience

reclaiming individual human experience

Reclaiming individual human (personal) experience is a dundamental part of Qultura's mission because the acquisition and development of individual human experience is a necessary part of developing Selfhood and personal authenticity. This is part of local community cultural development and the sharing of experiences between individual people which can lead to the creation of opportunities, the development of the community as a whole, and advancing social progress through social design.

Community participation

We advocate reclaiming individual experience through local community participation and developing culture through the sharing of your experiences with others and also your ideas, skills, abilities, and input for the benefit of yourself and others.

This can sometimes require a shift away from certain personal beliefs, and away from consumtpion through excessive materialism and consumerism both of which only serve to uphold the current system and keep you in your place.

Reverse participation

Qultura has developed a system of reverse participation for people who have experienced a loss of autonomy through deprivation of opportunity and personal experience and who may be experiencing a lack of control or autonomy over their lives through various barriers which can be practical, financial or material, social, emotional or psychological. The 'reverse' in the term reverse participation is indicative of whatever traumatic experience you have experienced, be it poverty, social stigma, unemployment, homelessness, disability, or something which is a possible cause of the deprivation of opportunity or experience in the current system. This experience, whatever it is, is part of your personal experience and who you are, and gives you an insight and understanding of that issue which is not shared by others in the community or society. This is experience which eneds to be recognuized and valued.

Developing consciousness

The whole point of recliaming individual (personal) experience is to develop a better perception of consciousness, which can form part of your personal enlightenment or lead to the acquisition of experience which you have been seeking. Likewise when it comes to social design the idea is to create better social structures which are more conscious of the value of the individal, their individuality, the uniqueness of their perspective on life, and what they can bring to others.

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