Reconnection is Qultura's strategy for dealing with social exclusion.


If you have come here then it's assumed that you have some idea of what Qultura is all about as an organization. Possibly you have become somewhat familiar with the Theory section, reading the Theory of Creativity, Energy Spectrum, and Social Theory. You might have also become familiar with social exclusion, social stigma, and various issues also found on this website, have read about Universal Credit perhaps. Then you've come here.

This is where you have the opportunity of getting involved and doing something.

Facing up to the truth

Social exclusion and social stigma exist in conditions of cultural decline and social fragmentation, the breaking up of communities, austerity, and social and moral decline. It doesn't matter who, or what, or when or where, this is the reality.

What is happening is a social process, which means that it is developing as you read these words in a whole sequence of events - decisions, choices, actions, reactions, interactions. The only way this can be resolved is by reversing these processes.

Reconnection - an overview.

Reconnection is the practical element of Qultura which focusses on cultural development at the level of the local community with the development of community support networks. The idea is that the more people who are involved and included in their local community, the stronger and more cohesive that local community is, with less people becoming affected by social issues, more possibilities and more opportunities.

Please be aware that this does not mean social integration and forcing anyone to live a certain way or forcing multiculturalism on anyone. Everyone has their own culture, we promote human individuality and creativity, but it goes without saying that some degree of social responsibility is necessary for a local community to thrive and develop and even people of different cultural backgrounds can interact with one another without having to embrace each other's culture.

Reconnection therefore is about reconnecting people in a local community very much in a real time, face to face way through the setting up and organizing of different activities (known as projects), with opportunities to share ideas and experiences with others and also with plenty of opportunity for some real time, face to face social interaction. There's two components of Reconnection, Reconnection itself for people who want to do things which involve other people in their community, and Reconnection Reverse, for people in a local community who need some sort of support from others.

Likewise there's Qultura and Qultura Connect because Britain, like most other Western societies divides its society arbitrarily between working and non working which acts as a basis for social exclusion and social stigma.

How Reconnection is structured.


Reconnection is administered by Qultura Core which provides the governance through trusteeship, administration and support. This is done in accordance with the universal principles from universal law and also relevant legislation.

But Reconnection is also people who get involved with Qultura and Qultura Connect via this website to set up various projects in their local community. Each project has an objective and is developed either online, offline or both. As each project will involve people there will be different roles, and these roles, decided by people between themselves, will generally fit into one of the four different categories. People who need support from others will place themselves into Reconnection Reverse sharing needs.

How the Reconnection system works.

The Reconnection system is designed to enable anyone at any time create or develop a project or become involved in a project irrespective of whether they need or are offering support.

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Everything starts in a Groupbox discussion group which hosts a network which can be accessed online through a computer or smartphone. Participants join the network or discussion group and communication is done mainly through email, Skype and Whatsapp. Meetings can also take place in real time in community space or at a prearranged venue.

Qultura is developed to be a network of different projects involving different people all functioning within the centralized Reconnection system. A project can involve two or more people, you can create different projects with different objectives and involving different people.

Needs and offers - making changes and getting things done

The purpose of Reconnection is to develop networks of small groups of people in local communities working to develop culture and community support networks at a local community level and this starts in a moderated discussion group where you can interact with other people, get to know others, let them get to know you, network, and discuss ideas, share experiences, share thoughts and feelings and make connections.

It's also a place where you can create projects and share needs and make offers, making arrangements in real time to get things done. These networks will hopefully develop into bigger networks and eventually, at some point, a network of different groups, organizations, and people throughout the country each sharing their ideas for cultural development and community support initiatives in their local area.

About activism - to be read and taken on board.

Qultura is a charitable organization which also functions in the community. Our focus lies in the creation of new possibilities and opportunities for people who are affected by social exclusion and social stigma - people who are excluded, marginalized, isolated, deprived, stigmatized and who don't have access to the same opportunities as everyone else.

Our strategy is the development of culture in local communities and the setting up of community support networks. This requires a certain amount of change. Change is synonymous with creativity.

Creativity on the one hand involves exploration, experimentation, trying different things out to see what works and what doesn't. But it also requires commitment, effort, thinking, sometimes involving conflict and failure, so it also requires the ability to resolve conflicts, get on with different people, have an open mind which is often separate from personal belief and judgment.

Our definition of activism means active and participating in the local community, doing things together with other people in the community for the benefit of oneself, for others and for the benefit of the community itself. We are fully committed to our objectives and mission and also our commitment to working in the public interest.

This is a supportive environment for getting involved, getting to know other people, making connections, getting to know people, doing different things together, mainly for the purpose of creating new possibilities, new opportunities, and developing support networks and culture. It's not a good environment for devotion to personal beliefs, developing attachments to personal beliefs, or creating and maintaining conflicts on the basis of personal beliefs. There are other organizations for this sort of thing.