Core reference

Core reference refers to the five webpages which together form a philosophy, a method or system which you can adopt to create your own philosophy and principles in life. Everything here is based on Creative Law and the Triangular Relationship and is thus based on universal principles and actual reality. No ideology, no belief system, no bullshit. Just reality and truth.

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Creative Law

Creative Law is the universal principle of creativity and interaction in the universe and nature. This is a principle which is fixed and immutable and applies to everything in existence and explains how consciousness, energy and space interact with one another.

You're here to talk your talk, walk your walk and live your truth. Nobody else can be you, so there's nobody better at being you than you. All you need is an open mind, an open heart and an insatiable appetite for truth.

Stella Baker
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Looking at the above image you will see an image of Planet Earth from the surface of the Moon. But what I would like you to focus on, just for a moment, is the blackness surrounding the Earth. This is space, space which we have all been conditioned to think of as containing nothing, but which actually contains everything in existence. Space is the totality, or the universe, and the universe is in itself the only thing we can see which is not dependent on anything. The universe is not going to collapse or fall apart, because it doesn't depend on anything else for its existence.

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Reality comes in just three versions: actual reality (minus labels), cultural reality and individual reality (or your inner world.

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Life is nothing more than an experience in developing consciousness. The core of who you really are is really nothing more than an individual perspective in an infinite sea of consciousness. However you cannot experience life unless you are conscious and you cannot do this unless you have a physical dimension to your being, i.e. a body, a central nervous system and a brain to make the experience of having a mind possible. You cannot experience life without energy and having access to energy.

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Okay so let me start by clearing up another widespread misconception. You do not have a mind of your own. That what you think is your mind is actually part of the environment and is essentially playback for your senses and perception. If you had a mind of your own you would become unconscious when you go to to sleep but you're actually conscious. You simply shut down your perspective and stop paying attention to your environment when you sleep. Consider that dreams are just fragments of consciousness and the reason why they don't make sense is because intellect is part of your mind and, in not paying attention, you cannot verbalize your dreams or translate them into logical thought or language.

About Qultura

Qultura is an empathy based community created as an alternative way of learning about or studying mysticism. Our philosophical basis is the universal principle of Creative Law and we advocate personal, social and cultural change through the development of empathy, community, human consciousness and individual human experience..

You do not need a leader or guru to study mysticism because the universe is the best example there is of mysticism in action. For more details visit the About Qultura webpage.