Statement on resources and fundraising


We do very little or no fundraising and members of the Qultura community who have reversed their participation and have supported appeals may not undertake any fundraising whether online or in person, but must first solicit pledges of support from their supporters.

The only official means of making a donation to Qultura or to a member of our community (on the basis of a pledge of support) exists via our secure PayPal webpage which is accessed through our website. This is the only official means of making a donation to Qultura.

We are an ethical organization and unilaterally committed to ISO-26000-2010 (Social Responsibility).

Please note that we do not under any circumstances accept support or resources from anyone involved in the following:

  • - the manufacture, sale and distribution of weapons and military hardware
  • - the fossil fuels industry
  • - slavery, human trafficking and exploitation of workers through welfare to work workfare schemes
  • - any state or authority which practises capital punishment
  • - anyone running a business who openly expresses racism, sexism, ableism or anti-LGBT attitudes.