About roles


The importance of roles in Qultura

Roles are significant in the Qultura community but only from the perspective of making use of and developing personal experience. Our mission and objectives are to promote human creativity and human individuality, which essentially means promoting individual human experience. The website contains various resources, theory, concepts, information about culture, guides, and the Qultura community is set up to provide connections to people. The community is based on various projects, which are designed to utilize and develop personal experience. As part of being able to utilize and develop personal experience, roles within the community need to be flexible and fluid.

The importance of personal experience and perspectives

We are not you. There is only one of you. There's never been anyone like you born ever before in the entire history of the human race and there's never going to be anyone like you born ever again at any point in the future. You are that unique and individual. While people judge themselves and each other on the basis of physical features which are not that important such as physical appearance, income, skin colour, gender, body size and so on life is really only about your journey through it, your life experiences, and your unique and individual perspective on life. This is what is really important and what makes up the quality of your life.

Human creativity and opportunity

It is human creativity which creates opportunity. If you care to take a look around you in your local community, everything you can see, everything which exists, it either comes from nature or from one human being sharing an idea with another human being. Every single building, every single organization, every single company, every single house, everything. Your life is the way it is from the opportunities you have been presented to you and whatever opportunities you could make use of. Chances are through social conditioning you have been denied so many opportunities. Qultura is very much about you being yourself and creating opportunities for yourself and for other people.


One of the major differences between a Qultura community support project and other forms of community support out in the wider community or society is that community support always involves people who have direct personal experience of whatever social issue the community support project is set up against. This is why we allow people to reverse their participation. Recognition of reverse participation is our recognition of the traumatic experience someone has gone through and the fact that, in recovery and getting support, they need to be the one who is making the decisions and determining the nature of the support. When it comes to poverty and inequality, the people who know about it best are those who directly experience it and these are the people who need to be platformed so they can raise awareness and promote a deeper understanding in the wider community and society.

The Qultura community is based on complete and total flexibility when it comes to the roles individual community members adopt in the Qultura community. .

The flexibility of roles and how it works in reality

We all have our personal, and individual strengths and weaknesses. Some people are better in some things and weaker and others. There's things you can do really well, better than most people, and other things in which you are completely useless. Likewise you have gone through experiences in life which give you better knowledge or awareness than other people, and there are things which you don't quite understand or know about as well as other people. Qultura is all about pooling our collective awareness, knowledge and abilities for the benefit of everyone in the community.

Below we give the primary roles based on Qultura principles. You figure out where you fit in based on your individual life experience, the opportunities you've had in life, and the social context or specific situation in the community. Please don't worry so much if you get it wrong or make a mistake, because failure and mistakes are still opportunities to learn. What's important is that you are yourself 100%, you do what you feel, and you learn and grow as a result.


Participant is the default, plain vanilla role but it is no less important than any of the others. Participants are the ones who populate projects, provide the opportunities for personal experience, and transfer the insight and knowledge gained from the creativity, the sharing of experiences and so on out into the wider community and society. Participation is about being involved, about learning, but it is also about experiencing and making things happen.

Reverse participants

Reverse participants are somewhat different from others in that they've gone through a traumatic experience of a social issue which is often related to inequality, poverty or abuse and they have the experience, emotional scars and effects to show for it. This includes people who are still going through such issues. How or why they've gone through such issues isn't really that important. What is important is that they've gone through such issues and they have the experience, awareness and understanding as a result.

Platforming and appeals

As such issues involve a recovery process and a need for support and opportunities Qultura has created a system of reversal of participation so that such people can both platform their experience and also access opportunities for support. They can do this through being able to create and develop appeals, which are community support projects, so as to raise awareness and promote understanding in the wider community and also access support.

Why we do this

We do this so as to be able to connect the people who need support to the people who are in a position to give that support (such people are often found outside the community). It's important to understand here that culture has changed. Most support offered to people who experience social issues is determined by various degrees of conditionality. There's a widespread notion that human social needs have to be balanced by the availability of resources and quite often this has led to a culture where organizations and even corporations profit out of human social needs, especially when it comes to hardship and poverty. Furthermore resources and support can be denied to people who fail to meet conditionality requirements as we can see from the culture of benefit sanctions and the fact that the DWP reject or refuse applications of support through the assessments for such things as Personal Independence Payments (PIP) and people can end up dying as a result.

Where we stand on these issues

Qultura rejects as a matter of principle the artificial and often contrived scarcity of resources. If someone needs support for a given issue, then they need to have support to be able to recover from that issue and they also need to be given whatever opportunities to be able to platform and share awareness and understanding so as to prevent such issues becoming issues for other people. this is why we seek to support such people and allow for the reversal of participation. Support is not guaranteed, but we can do what we can and if nothing else emotional and humanitarian support always comes in handy. In most cases financial and material support is sought from outside the Qultura community from those in wider society.

How to go about reversing your participation

Reversal of participation involves various legal requirements and we also seek to protect our system - the Pledge and Support system - from instances of fraud and abuse. For reverse participation and Pledge and Support to work for everyone there has to be a high degree of public support and trust. Here we refuse to compromise.

Our requirements

To become a reverse participant you need to be an established member of the Qultura community and also apply to become recognized as a reverse participant. You can do this specifically for a specific issue or globally for different issues. Once you become a reverse participant you can create appeals and promote them and seek support and resources independently. However you also need a Qultura volunteer to administer an appeal and this cannot be someone you know personally, so you cannot nominate a member of your family or friend to administer your appeal.


Anyone can become a Qultura volunteer just by filling out a form and proposing a role. Rather than applying for a role as what happens usually when it comes to volunteering Volunteering with Qultura is completely different due to the simple fact that you're volunteering for a community and not primarily for the organization. It's designed this way to encourage people to become proactive about what happens in their local community and not to be passive and waiting for others or an organization to do things for them. This is after all your community which like society you live in, the planet you live on, and the universe you live within you have equal rights to ownership to. Your social position and status within Qultura is meaningless. Your certificate of equal ownership of your environment is more commonly known as a birth certificate however due to the fact that we require life experience to some degree the minimum age of a volunteer in the Qultura community is 18.

Becoming a Qultura volunteer gives you administration rights and equality with the Qultura Core project. While this does not grant you any authority over anyone else in the Qultura community as a long term signatory of the KVV keep Volunteering Voluntary agreement it means you have freedom and flexibility over when, how and how often you volunteer.

Volunteering should not be anything like paid or unpaid work. It should be something you want to do, or even need to do, for your own personal benefit and reasons and it also needs to be of benefit to other people as well. It should be fun, enjoyable, meaningful, and also enable you to acquire and develop the experience you feel is necessary to learn about other people and life, and through this learn about yourself.

Qultura trustees

If you have significant experience of community or cultural involvement or significant experience of a social issue, and you are local to Battersea in South London, you can apply to become a Qultura trustee. Qultura trustees together act as a governing body and the interface between the Qultura community and the wider community and society. Their primary role in the community is governance and ensuring that there is no conflict of interest between the Qultura community and wider society. This is very much a legislative role but instead of setting rules, policies and procedures Qultura trustees follow the Qultura Consensus on which everything in the Qultura community is based, and out of which we form our principles an policies.

Qultura trustees meet quarterly on a Wednesday evening in January, April, July and October at the Qultura Core project community space together with the Primary Administrator to discuss the progress and development of Qultura. Elsewise they decide matters online but are free to take on any other roles except that of a reverse participant. They are self appointing which means you need to apply to the governing body directly. This can be indicated on your Volunteer Proposal or by direct message.

Qultura KISS

Qultura KISS stands for Keep It Small and Secret. Qultura KISS is the order of Qultura activists. It is female led and esoteric. You cannot become a Qultura activist voluntarily. You are chosen by a Qultura KISS activist and are offered a specific task, mission or objective which is based on direct positive community action.

If you accept and agree to carry out the mission or objective then you become a Qultura activist specifically for that mission only. Whatever is to be done is to be done in confidence and by following the instructions. If you break the confidence or fail to complete the mission you cease to become a Qultura activist.

Qultura activism is based on conscious living and social design (explained in Theory) and activists are usually chosen from volunteers. )Your identity is insignificant because Qultura KISS is not exclusive, it is just female led and it is this way to balance the patriarchy in society.