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Natural v. social


Natural humans

Humans are the only surviving species id the subtribe Homininia of the great apes. We are characterized by our erect posture and bipedal locomotion, high manual dexterity, heavy tool use, complex use of language and a general tendency to larger more complex brains and societies. We are the most socially variant species in the animal kingdom, and are the only species in the animal kingdom to build fires and cook food, wear clothing, and create and use different technologies and art. Homo sapiens have been around for 315,000 or so years which was in the period when humans started migrating out of Africa. Our other characteristics is that we dislike definition and avoid conflict, and are naturally predisposed to both creativity and diversity.

Domination culture

Humans have always been hierarchical in nature and needing to live in complex, structured societies, and we have always been migrants and colonizers with a keen interest in our relationship with the environment. However this has become a problem since the dveelopment of monarchy, religion and the belief in absolute rule which gave rise to what is now known as domination culture. Further problems sdtarted developing with the widespread use of money and cultural acceptance of property ownership which created a division between those with wealth, the property owners and those without from which we have the concept of social class or caste. These problems have become increasingly more serious as the emphasis shifted to focus attention on the economic and economic systems after the Middle Ages.

The root cause

The root cause is the inequality between authority through hierarchy and the rest of society, i.e. people. Authority is delivered through hierarchy by an isntrumentality many people find alienating and disempowering, and the control of culture by various hierarchies - media, government, corporate, educational, institutional is what is causing the cultural failure, dis-empowerment of people and the stifling of social progress. Anyone in a hierarchy, any hierarchy, assigns themselves rights which don't exist in reality because the only right everyone has is a human right and you are assigned that at birth. The so-called 'rights' those in a hierarchy assign themselves are social privileges and are based on a belief in the entitlement that they can dominate or control another human being or other human beings. This is the entire concept of social privilege, which is the belief in the entitlemtn that you are hgiher in some social hierarchy than others and are entitled to some social, economic or political advantage. The whole point of artificial scarcity is to create the lesser people who are then enslaved through ideology into forced servitude through necessity - the needing of access to resources necessary to live. This is what creates the deprivation of opportunity. This is what creates the deprivation of individual human experience. This is what creates slavery. This is also what creates modern warfare. This is what creates disempowerment. You can read more about dis-empowerment here.

Where Qultura stands as an organization

As a human rights organization Qultura stands for three things - humanity, equality and community. While we are not political and not religious because we reject as much as possible power structures, dynamics and hierarchies, we support political enlightenment and ethical governance and believe that the relationship betweejn government and people should ben based on cooperation and good relations rather than oppression and inequality. We believe that if the focus is shifted to individual human experience rather than excessive and mindless consumoption then we will have enough resources, space, and finance to go round to ensure quality of living for everyone and we will end up using far less resources than we do now.