Root causes


This is the section of our Community Resources which is intended to serve as a rough guide to the root causes of just about any social issue you can think of. This is the largest section which is made up of the webpages given below. It is intended to serve as a reference together with Laws and Theories and also Concepts to give you an insight into identifying the issues in your immediate environment and local community.

This section is made up of the following webpages

A description and rough definition as to what culture is and what purpose it serves in theory.
This webpage is about beliefs and a rough definition as to what a belief is, which is an aspect of thinking.
Developing beliefs are unavoidable but it is important not to get too attached to beliefs for various reasons (see below)
This webpage goes into the subject of dis-empowerment, which everyone experiences to some degree.
Cultural myths
This webpage is about various cultural myths, such as time and money, which many people believe are real but which are actually illusions.
Cultural decline
This webpage is about the process of cultural decline. Cultural decline is inevitable and comes with part of the social experience but this is the process which creates the opportunities for many different social issues to manifest themselves and develop.
Belief attachments
Belief attachments are when you become so attached to your beliefs you lose contact with reality. This is what this webpage is about.
This webpage is all about ideology and why ideology always works against you.
This webpage is all about authoritarianism and the notion that it is acceptable for one human being to have domination and control over another human being.
Social stigma
This is a webpage all about social stigma, which is the effects some people have to cope with in life simply because other people find it acceptable to impose their ideologies on other people and also seek to control and dominate them.
Social exclusion
This is the endgame of social stigma, which is the exclusion and erasure of certain people from society.