The roots of ignorance

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Let's start with a simple analogy. Let's say you've gone to see a hypnotist who, for argument's sake, is a mature man with a soft voice and a pocket watch which he swings before you like a pendulum to induce you into that sleepy trance. Just before he puts you into that trance he gives you that all importance piece of information.

When you wake up you won't be able to recall or remember anything from our conversation.

This is what's known as a hypnotic suggestion.

The truth

In society we have a similar hypnotic suggestion. It's a short phrase which you understand to be, as I do, known as 'the truth'. This short phrase, 'the truth' is what we use whenever we want to convince someone that what we believe is the truth, or when we want to believe that what someone is telling us is the truth. But truth and belief are two completely different things, as I explain in my explanation of thought. That short phrase 'the truth' is used to convince us that things are real when they're not, that certain rules and aspects of culture are sacrosanct when they're not.

This is something which we all do each other. Your parents did it to you, your grandparents did it to your parents, your teachers did it to you, so too did your friends, your partner, your children (if you have them) do it to you, you do it to others, I have done it to people so many times, we all do this to each other and play our part in this grand conspiracy we understand to be life. So too do businesses, public figures, civil servants and politicians.

Filling young minds with senseless crap

This isn't just about the tooth fairy and Santa Claus is it? Think of all the useless crap you were taught at school, the mindless propaganda coming out of the television, and the societal rules and conventions which we are taught to believe are sacrosanct but which are nothing of the sort. Think of all the cultural myths and illusions that we are taught to believe are real but actually aren't, such as God being the elderl all seeing man in the sky, such as money being real, time being real and linear. Think about the different ways we try to define and label each other and tell each other what to think, what to believe, how to behave and the different ways we are bamboozled and confused by constant information, much of which is contradictory.

Modern morality

Think about the role modern morality, lacking in discipline, empathy and compassion, but based almost entirely on material and financial values, is taught in millions of homes. Think about all the children out there who are being taught blind obedience to authority, the importance and necessity of getting an education and having a job, the importance of money and self-sufficiency, and the amount of proximal parenting and helicopter parenting where kids don't get much opportunity to develop a proper emotional relationship with their parents but spend large amounts of time with au pairs, nannies or stuck in front of a television or mobile device such as tablet or iPad. Think about how these kids grow up into adults not understanding the necessity of empathy, compassion or discipline, but who in turn teach their kids the same materialistic, utilitarian moral code they were taught at children.

Social programming

It's important to understand that education teaches us what to think, and not how to think. There is also a very heavy emphasis on digital, physical thinking on the basis of memory and intellect and the almost exclusive association of human intelligence with intellect and memory and not with consciousness. Children are taught lots of useless information which they are then tested on and expected to learn, memorize and reproduce on demand. The importance is on thinking in lockstep, on conformity, obedience to authority, and on machine learning techniques.


Is it any wonder that by the time they reach adulthood many children are quite profoundly ignorant? The way they see themselves is an hallucination at best and a delusion at worst. Furthermore in the age of digital technology where even a cheap smartphone can think logically infinitely more efficiently than a human being, and process information a lot faster, children leave school with hardly any useful life skills and pretty much condemned to a future where they are most likely going to end up struggling to find sustainable employment or fighting to avoid human obsolescence.

This has reached a ridiculous new extreme in China where school children are forced to wear special headsets which closely monitor their brain activity and any loss of focus or attention is immediately picked up through wifi and recorded on a central computer placed in front of a teacher. Each time a child is found not to be focussed or concentrating the teacher is alerted and a text message sent to their parents.

Digital technology is based on a binary system of '0001110101011010' yes no on off system, so lapses in concentration are perfectly natural because the human brain can only concentrate for extremely short periods and alternates between cycles of attentiveness and non-attentiveness. This is yet another shining example of profound human ignorance which affects other people and results in the widespread abusive ways we treat other as part of modern society.

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