The importance of sticking to this COVID-19 lockdown

It doesn't matter who you are we are all as a society clinging to the same life raft so to speak. Most of us have never experienced a global pandemic or lockdown ever before in our lives and it's highly unlikely we're ever going to experience one ever again. But there is a few positives to this lockdown. For a start we have a ready made social consensus and we also have, for the first time ever, a very real opportunity to make both austerity and white supremacy history and emerge from this lockdown with much more solidarity and on a much higher plane of consciousness. Think about this.

It's all there at your fingertips

We've spent a lot of time rebranding as the only empathy based community in the UK to work against human ignorance. We have a community network, a Community Message Board, a Community Blog, and a system for developing community support - all of which is accessible to you completely free of charge. This is in addition to whatever community stuff you're involved in and also your social media presence. We've also got two sections which you can quickly figure out your reality and also, with a bit of consideration, figure out what's important and really matters to you, your life, and your sense of well being and happiness.

This is a pretty straightforward choice

Either you believe that every single human being on the planet is just as important and significant to the human species as you are or you don't. If you don't see every other human being as important as you but only you or people like you as important, then please keep your mouth shut about freedom and honesty because you're a hypocrite with nothing more than an over-sized Ego and sense of entitlement and are probably as real as a Chinese X-Box.

Oh right and another thing. We don't do beliefs and ideology in this community. If you cannot deal with truth or reality then please, don't bother us and stay home and watch TV.

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Think about this

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

We have a political system which is based on a monkey claiming to serve a fish by throwing it up a tree. Doesn't matter what party you're into or where you find yourself on the political spectrum, all UK politicians serve the City first and foremost and then themselves. None of them give a monkey's chuff about you. For the past 400 years or so we've had individualism as the basis of our core social and cultural values. Individualism is essentially a shitty version of pragmatism where nothing is thought through. The biggest example of our political thinking is Universal Credit where if your circumstances don't match the assumptions made by the system you are royally screwed in terms of income.

The necessity of living much more consciously

Whether we like it or not we're going to get 5G technology and be subjected to far more control both externally and internally through digital technology. This is going to make many more jobs obsolete, and there's going to be less work and less access to resources. But it's important to remember that digital technology is logical, it's all memory and processors, and even a cheap smartphone can process information a lot quicker than even an educated human. But what 5G can never be is conscious. Doesn't matter how current your latest smartphone is or how many apps it's got, it cannot feel or empathize with you.

Technology and hierarchy don't mix

We don't believe that any of our politicians are evil or seek office wanting to kill people. Most are incredibly wealthy, profoundly ignorant and indoctrinated into a system which is based on a pack of lies. But then so too are most people but this isn't down to the politicians. It's down to the media and broadcasters who were supposed to hold politicians to account and keep us informad of the facts.

What COVID-19 has taught us

Our politicians are not in control, are not capable of making informed decisions, and are prepared to be cavalier with human lives for the sake of corporate profit. This is where it crosses the line from morality into immorality. We need to put a stop to this. There's no longer any reason for austerity nor is there any reason for white supremacy or xenophobia.

This is where we need your support

We're currently in the middle of talks with both our local council Wandsworth and also the Department of Work and Pensions which has been suspended due to lockdown. The recovery is all going to start around our first community project - the Qultura Core project - where we have developed a very popular library and are in the process of rebuilding the Fringe and developing a food sharing initiative. If anywhere white supremacy and austerity are going to be defeated in the area of Battersea Power Station and they're not going to be defeated by ideology but by empathy and a much stronger sense of community.

I made a promise to members of the black community in Nine Elms when I stood as a Green candidate in 2018 for Wandsworth Council that I would bring the issues of Windrush and white supremacy into the faces of the politicians and I feel the exact same way about the poor, the mentally ill, the sick, the elderly and people with disabilities irrespective of whether those disabilities are physical, intellectual or connected with learning. These people cannot do it on their own, they need the whole community to come out and back them up. Black people shouldn't have to grovel on their knees for the chance of respect and equality, simply because skin colour means fuck all in the grand scheme of things.

We need empathy and community to even out the technology

You see when it reaches the point of corporate profit over human life then politics ceases to be politics, but becomes manslaughter for hire. We've got to stop being a nation of nasty, selfish, bigoted cunts and take back our open minds, creative spark and sense of enjoyment. Yeah I know, strong language, but I tried being pleasant and cooperative for years and it's never worked. I also know that there are many others out there who are also losing patience with the scumbag culture which has infected more people than COVID-19.

Society is something you rebuild through local community

You cannot rebuild or build a community through an economy when your income level is extremely comfortable and that of most people isn't. None of our politicians or their supporters have a clue what poverty or inequality is all about and their assumptions have been consistently so wide of the mark that hundreds of thousands of people have died or committed suicide as a result. This is why you need community. This is why you need empathy. This is why we all need investment and opportunities and some space after lockdown to figure out how we're going to live.

I'm just putting this out there. Either this makes sense to you, or it doesn't. If it does, then you should know what to do and you should understand that we need to be spending lockdown working together to reach some kind of consensus in our local communities. If you can't see this, then tough. Best wishes.

About Qultura

Qultura is an empathy based community being developed to form a powerful, effective counter to human ignorance through the development of empathy, community, human individuality, creativity, diversity and the development of individual human experience, perspectives and consciousness. It is the first and possibly the only such community in the UK.

Participation in the Qultura community is completely free of charge to everyone and is a fully inclusive community open to everyone irrespective of location, background, circumstances. All you need is an internet connection, an open mind and a desire for personal, social and cultural change.