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creating opportunities for real time social interaction

We are seeking people to get involved to create opportunities in their lcoal community for real time, face to afce social interaction. Real time social interaction gives numerous benefits, social, personal, it is an important source of energy because we all pick up on and project out energy from ourselves, and it promotes a sense of emotional wellbeing and social cohesion. Opportunities for social interaction in a local community also promote a sense of community among people and strengthen communities and community ties.

Opportuntiies for social interaction which don't involve spending money or participation in ideology have also been cut back through cultural decline and cuts in funding and access to resources in local community cultural development. This has included the closure of libraries, community centres, youth centres, and other civic amenities where people could meet others and develop new contacts, social networks and form new friendships.

Likewise on social media there is a mass of information which condition people to follow, subscribe, watch, consume rather than interact socially through social media in any way which is meaningful, personal or individual. It is common for people on such sites as Facebook and Twitter to amass followers and post in ways which will generate likes, commenst and shares and some people will do anything to get the dopamine hits which come from such attention.

Therefore we are looking for people to create and dveelop (and also partucipate in) social projects which are centred around sharing interests, activities, or increasing cultural awareness.

This could be a book club, a film discussion group, a photography circle, gardening, a group organizing walks, trips, recipe exchanges, crafts, model making, model railways, and other various interests. If you have a deeper interest in a particular field have you thought about sharing your interest through giving a talk or stimulating interest in other people?

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