Social projects

Social projects differ in focus from creative projects because they are designed to promote primary social interaction - social interaction which is positive, pleasant and reaffirming - and the development of social bonds between individual members of the Qultura community, promote cultural and cross-cultural awareness, and the development of empathy between individual members of the community.

Social media groups and communities

One of the clearest examples of a Qultura social project are our social media groups online where there is a very strong emphasis on the creation of new culture and new cultural and social attitudes at the expense of consumption of existing culture. Unless you need to make a very direct reference to communicate your experience, your thoughts, your feelings, and your unique and individual perspective the posting of any and all third party creative content is discouraged and even forbidden. If we cannot clearly see how the inclusion of third party content directly serves as an example to back up you sharing your perspective, personal experience or feelings then the entire post will be removed and if you persist in making such posts which clearly promote an ideology or someone else's beliefs or agenda and thus consume existing culture then you will be removed and excluded from the Qultura community.

Discussion of current events

This does not mean that you are forbidden from discussing or making posts about current events but there should be a very clear emphasis on how you are directly and personally affected by such events, how they make you feel, and instead of posting third party content without any additional information or content on how or what this makes you feel you need to focus almost entirely on your feelings, your perspectives, and your direct experiences.

Please don't miss the point of our social media

The whole point of our social media groups is to promote the development of empathy and social interaction between individual members of the Qultura community. The objective of any of our social media groups is to promote social interaction between individual members so as to move towards real time, social interaction and community participation in the local community. Qultura is set up to be a local community within a local community. We are not designed to be an online only type of social experience or part of the whole social media movement. We know and understand the whole point of social media and why it is free of charge for you to use, so should you, and if it is not clear to you why we have social media groups and how they are intended to be used then you have a Community Message Board and a Contact page where you can ask questions and find out.

Qultura Community Resources

Social projects are developed in local community space by Qultura volunteers and, like creative projects, are designed to be inclusive and provide free access - being completely free of charge - to both members of the Qultura community and also members of the wider local community. This is a vitally important aspect of our work and development of our community because if there is one thing which is desperately needed in society it is the development of empathy and boundary dissolving strategies to get past the increasing number of social divisions, the apathy and to reverse the process of cultural decline.