Supporting others through Qultura

There are different ways of giving support


The two basic ways of support

Qultura is an organization based on community and community participation. Qultura itself, based on its biological model for functioning, is just the nucleus of that community - Qultura Core. Nobody gets paid for working for Qultura, our overheads are based on absic administration expenses, running the website, maintaining the databases, web hosting, maintaining a bank account, and so on. Therefore much of the support which is needed is needed by other people so in actual fact, supporting Qultura means supporting other people through Qultura.

Therefore there are twon ways of supporting Qultura and others - through pledging support which is the first and initial phase of supporting Qultura through becoming a supporter. Then you have regular donations as the second, and in some cases, the alternative method of support. Qultura avoids fundraising wherevere possible simply because we don't have the resources or indeed, that much inclination to fundraise and gather resources. Through a Pledge and Appeal system we have also allowed for decentralization of how we manage our resources. It is possible for someone to support someone else locally vias Qultura.

Project based resource management

All projects are individually created, developed, and also individually administered, managed and allocated resources. This means they are locally administered with records kept and sent back to Qultura Core. Administration of a project takes place at a volunteer level, and administration is one of the key roles in volunteering.

Pledge and appeal overview

Sharing resources takes place on the basis of pledge and appeal. Supporters pledge support in various ways and reverse participants can write appeals for support. Everything goes through Qultura which gives an authenticated, verified system of sharing resources which can be decentralized at will but which is managed and supervised by Qultura Core, the Primary Administrator and governing body of trustees. We do not support the sharing of resources between people online and unlike other ways of gathering resources such as crowdfunding and GoFundMe anyone with a Qultura appeal has been verified and authenticated to establish confidence and trust. Pledges are also extremely helpful for resource management because they reduce the need for direct fundraising.

Pledging support

Pledging support is based on messaging and emails and you can pledge support for Qultura, or for a type of project, for a specific project, or directly to a reverse participant on the basis of an appeal. You can also pledge different types of support and resources, not just financial, but also such things as access to space, used equipment, goods, products, services, transport, food, used furniture, anything which can be considered as a resource. You simply write PLEDGE in capital letters at the start of your subject in a message and provide the details of what support you are offering in the message.

Your pledge is stored in a secure database and we send you details of matching appeals. You figure out what to do with these appeals and if you want to support a specific appeal you follow the instructions in the appeal. the appeal should provide details in the appeal of what is needed by who and why.

There is no obligation when pledging support. You can amend or change a pledge at any time, cancel it, or pledge support more than once (say for different types of support). We do not require or keep your personal details on this website and we have been GDPR compliant long before such legislation was passed.

About appeals

Appeals can be written by any recognized reverse participant as a separate project which much have a clear objectuive and specific details of what resources are needed. These appeals are submitted to our governing body where if approved they are given a unique ID and become an approved appeal. Only approved appeals may be submitted to supporters and, unlike other organizations once a reverse participant has an approved appeal they may independently seek to gather their own resources and promote their appeal. Anyone who has been deprived of an income by the State may submit an appeal instead to the Primary Administrator.

Making a donation

You can make a donation by following an instructuion in an appeal, by clicking on a button below, or clicking on the PayPal icon at the far right on our social media icons at the very bottom of any webpage. Clicking on any button will take you to our secure webpage on the PayPal website. As stated above we are fully GDPR compliant and this website does not require or store your details. Please note this website is the only way of donating to Qultura - we do not fundraise nor do we use third party fundraisers.

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