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It's important to understand that we are seeking support for a community and not just an organization which is set up to be a small part - the core of the whole community. We work with people throughout society in away which empowers people and brings them together and we do not exclude those for who many in society have no time for. When given a bit of support and empowerment they blend in quite quickly and this is simply because there are no real differences between any human being - we really are all from the same energy, space and consciousness as everything else in the universe.

How to support Qultura


Anyone wishing to support the Qultura community has a choice between pledging their support and/or making a donation. The system is designed not just to break through the complete control and domination of culture by organizations but also to give our supporters the same degree of freedom of choice and flexibility as we offer those who become involved in the Qultura community.

Pledge your support here.


This is where you can pledge your support to the Qultura community. You can pledge support in any form, not just in financial terms, but also you can pledge access to space, help to meet expenses, goods, products, used equipment and household appliances, groceries, services, transport, and anything else that can be used as a resource., That is, apart from clothing, shoes, and prescription medication.

You also have the choice over who or what you support. While the default is to pledge support to Qultura and to let us match your pledge to appeals and email them to you you can also pledge support to a specific appeal or community support project, such as one which is developed in your local community. A pledge is being part of the community as a supporter but you have to follow through on your pledge with a donation to make it real. Therefore instead of just taking your money and doing whatever we want with it we involve you in the development of our community and you also have more choice and freedom over who and what you choose to support.

To follow through on a pledge you need to make a donation and you can do that by clicking on the title above, the donations sections on the right or the Paypal icon in the bottom right hand corner of any webpage on this website.

Your information

The type of support you wish to pledge

If you wish to support a specific project/appeal