Supporting Qultura

Welcome to our support page. Throughout its entire history Qultura has never been officially funded though, in that saying, since 2015 or thereabouts we have an arrangement with Wandsworth Council who recognize the value of our work to the local community and grant us access to free community space in an arrangement which was set up by former councillor John Hallmark, so that, in return, we can develop culture in the local community. We have always been a Nine Elms based community since our formation in The Duchess pub in 2009 (now The Duchess Belle), then the business community at the Sleaford Street Industrial Estate, and we are now hosted by Richmond and Wandsworth Arts and Leisure (an arrangement thanks once again to former councillor John Hallmark and Glenn Burnell) at the ROSE Community Club Rooms in Nine Elms where we base our Qultura Core project.

Our blanket rejection of modern cultural and socioeconomic values extends to how we gather and make use of our material and financial resources. We do not rent or maintain any business space, the Qultura Core project is maintained by a small collective of people who are either retired or not working. Nobody receives an income from Qultura, and this includes Stella Baker, our Core Facilitator, who has developed Qultura working almost full time for the past 10 years supported by a small body of trustees and volunteers. Our biggest expense is our web hosting and we are usually a loss making social enterprise losing around £100-£200 annually. Beyond this, whatever support we receive goes directly to whoever needs it. We have twice applied to be a registered charity and twice we have been turned down by the Charities Commission who seem far more willing to grant profit-making corporations working in social care registered charity status. We steadfastly refuse to commit to a single charitable issue and we refuse to budge on either our mission and objectives and the way we function as a community.

This is because we are incredibly effective and efficient at what we do and we provide effective support to people throughout the community on next to nothing ourselves. Human empathy is our most efficient and our most powerful resource. It gets results.

Breaking down barriers through empathy

This is the only thing we are asking of our supporters because in turn this is what we do for other people in our community. You cannot be creative without the support of others - unless you choose to resort to crime - nor can you create opportunities or connect people to each other, which is what Qultura is all about. Two of the biggest benefits people gain from their involvement in our projects and activities is that they either make new friends and form lasting, sustainable friendships, or they achieve independence and a greater degree of autonomy in their lives. This can mean anything from becoming free from an addiction to moving into paid work and becoming financially independent.

For some people involvement with Qultura is a life changing event. Others walk away with nothing more than their self-esteem and self-confidence fully intact. People find themselves. Questions get answered. Mysteries get resolved. People heal. People recover. Others find the will to live again.

Individualism and authoritarianism

These are the two biggest barriers we face and are committed to overcoming, not just in local communities but in society in general. Not just this country but the planet has lost too many lives to the choices and decisions of those who promote individualism and authoritarianism and profit financially and materially from the loss of human life and human suffering and hardship, whether it be through warfare, through social stigma, through austerity politics and removing social safety nets or through artificial scarcity and deprivation of opportunity..

At some point we have to show solidarity with the poor, the marginalized, the weak, the excluded, the sick, the incapacitated, the elderly, the destitute and the homeless. At some point we have to try and walk a mile in their shoes. At some point we have to give each other chances and take risks.

Otherwise nothing changes.