solo tree

Natural Law is based entirely on interconnected and interdependence through both synergy and synchronicity. As you will see below synergy is a connection through space and reality and synchronicity is a connection through consciousness and existence.

Synergy is a connection through space and reality which is achieved through interaction and cooperation in community and gives rise to what can be defined as collective consciousness.
Synchronicity is a connection through existence and consciousness between two things or events which have no meaningful connection but which are connected through space and reality.


It's important to understand that mind is space and the environment for both your perception and memory (conception). Non attachment is essential to keep your mind focussed on perception and the present moment. Excessive thinking and rumination (cycling through thoughts of past experiences in your mind) is a major hindrance and obstacle to mindfulness and concious perception.

Consider that while your mind is focussed on cycling through excessive thoughts and memories from your past you are unable to connect to your environment through synergy and make false assumptions about your reality from what no longer exists in the present moment.

Through connection to community such as the Qultura community you can easily and quickly become centred and grounded in mindfulness through what is known as Unmind.