Take the mask off

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This webpage serves as an introduction to the Qultura community. The audio above is 'Your mask' by Madame Snowflake and Mikey D. Burnz, which is the adopted anthem of the Qultura community. Please spend a few minutes listening to the song, because it accurately encapsulates in three minutes what being part of the Qultura community is really all about.

What do we mean by an empathy based community?

The Qultura community is all about, almost exclusively and as much as possible, the fully conscious human experience of life. Consider that beauty, art, compassion, courage, friendship, love, truth, intelligence, faith, trust, confidence, empathy, and senses such as a sense of inclusion and a sense of belonging, as well as happiness, fun, creativity, pleasure, and much more are all fully conscious human experiences. None of these things fit neatly into a definition acceptable in terms of common logical understanding. We know what the words mean, but the experience behind all these words is a matter of individual perspective.

Far too much emphasis has been placed, in society and even in our local communities, not to mention in our individual lives, on artifically contrived, fake, and entirely superficial masked and role social identities. Far too much emphasis has been paid on telling each other who and what we are, and imposing expectations on what other people think, how they communicate and how they behave. We have all experienced to varying degrees this societal pressure to conform, to please, to the degree that many of us have lost touch with who we really are and what we're really all about. Many people have been playing a role as a basis for their sense of selfhood that they've lost themselves completely and deep inside are barely holding it together. Some people need to take drugs or smoke weed just to make it through the week. Many others have succumbed, and now need prescription drugs, or have social anxiety, depression, mental illness, little or no self-esteem or self-confidence. Some find the societal pressure so much they commit suicide.

It's time to wake up to the fact that the fake smile, nod, small talk on the doorstep or in the street isn't enough. We need serious and profound changes at a community level. We need to somehow find a way to reconnect to one another, find a way of digging deeper into ourselves and each other, and to unconditionally seek the truth, find it, share it, and live it.

How the Qultura community creates change

The Qultura community creates change through developing individual projects and individual roles. This is achieved through a process of triangulation which is based on the Triangular Relationship. Currently, as we're so short of people we need people willing to come into the community to help develop it, through volunteering, Qultura activism and even reverse participation. this is why we're asking for people to sign up to the community to help develop new projects and community support initiatives. But more later.

Let's start with projects. Any activity which involves two or more people is a project. Projects are multi-dimensional and are defined by the person who creates the project. All projects should be individual and unique, specific to the people involved, the local culture involved, and can be either focussed or inclusive. All projects fall into at least one of three broad categories:

Creative projects
Creative projects develop art, creativity, discipline and express individual truth. These can be in any form of creative output - art, photography, music, song, drama, film, theatre, dance, crafts, cookery, gardening, poetry, verse, creative writing, essays, narratives, accounts, and so on.
Social projects
Social projects bring people together in a community and are designed to develop empathy and promote social interaction. Think such things as craft workshops, drama workshops, cookery clubs, recipe exchanges, film discussion groups, book clubs, community libraries, walks, talks, discussions, and similar events.
Community support projects
Community support projects are designed to provide alternative or better community support to vulnerable, marginalized and isolated people in the local community and are usually developed by reverse participants working together with volunteers. Note that most community support projects are focussed projects and designed for specific groups of individuals who face stigma and social exclusion from the wider community. In this way we offer people who have been affected by such issues a balance between acceptance and inclusion in our wider community and the opportunity to reach out and create projects with others who are experiencing the same issues or discrimination.

Next we come to roles. There are four roles in the Qultura community three of which involve being part of Qultura Core. Qultura Core is the central hub or nucleus of the Qultura community and when you sign up to the Qultura community you're actually signing up to the Qultura Core. The Qultura Core project is the central hub and is connected to the three roles shown below. Understand that the bog standard plain vanilla participant role doesn't involve being part of Qultura Core.

Qultura volunteers help to develop projects, either existing community projects or new projects which can be in community space or online, such as being a moderator on our Community Message Board, or within one of our social media groups. As we're currently working to develop and populate the community we are seeking volunteers - lots of them.
A Qultura activist isn't anything like a political activist, because a Qultura activist works to develop the Qultura community by finding ways of bringing new people into the Qultura community either online or out in the local community meeting people face to face. Likewise as we are developing the community we are currently seeking activists, lots of them, both online and offline.
Reverse participant
Reverse participants are people who need support from the community and who are necessary for developing community support projects, especially appeals, both because they need support themselves but also to raise a greater awareness in the community and society on various traumatic experiences and social issues. Unlike out there in wider society where people with issues are shunned, marginalized, excluded, stigmatized, we do not place value judgments on life experience and we feel that there is a certain value in people who have gone through various traumatic experiences, or who have directly experienced social issues first hand, in bring to wider public awareness the truth behind such social issues.
For this reason we are prepared to support and back up those who elect to become reverse participants who wish to seek support from the wider community while sharing their story or personal experience through an appeal or by setting up a community support project.

The Qultura community v. Qultura Core

Primarily the Qultura community is a community of people coming together to develop community, connect to one another and develop culture at a local community level. Qultura Core, or the Qultura Core project is the central nucleus or hub within the community, the resource within the Qultura community, and where necessary the organization. Qultura Core is an egalitarian organization where there are no boundaries or divisions between the organization and the community. Everything within the Qultura community (including Qultura Core) is based entirely on trust, empathy and communication. This is why you need to sign up to the Qultura community and become part of Qultura Core, it is so that you can become a volunteer, activist or reverse participant without needing to apply for any of these roles. If you need to become a volunteer during your participation in the community, you simply complete a form and make a proposal telling us how you want to volunteer. Likewise if you wish to become an activist or reverse participant. You can thus switch roles, mix and match roles or even combine roles.

Subversion and direct positive action

The broad strategy for the Qultura community is based on subversion, stealth, ambiguity and direct positive action. As we're following a universal principle which is based on creativity and interaction there's no need for protest, confrontations, making demands on others or even asking permission. Being creative and interactive means that you take the initiative, you do your own thing, your way, you live your truth, express your truth, and you work at connecting people and creating community. Our strategy is based on churning out large amounts of subversive art and culture in various forms, relentlessly, and as we're churning out the creativity and the art we draw more people into the community and help them churn out subversive art and creativity in various forms.

Our Community Blog

This is why we have created a Community Blog to work between our Community Message Board and the Qultura website. This is why we have changed the Qultura website to a blogging format and the Community Blog is set up for anyone who wishes to express themselves through our Blog without needing to set up their own Blog and you can share original content with your real name, a pseudonym, or (in some cases) anonymously. You can make use of our Community Blog to write stuff or showcase your creative output, share your creativity and your posts can include audio, images and video. If you make enough contributions we will even create your own section.

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Empathy is both an innate ability - something 98% of the population are born with, but it is also a life skill, arguably the most important and fundamental life skill you could ever learn or develop. This is because empathy is the ability to connect emotionally and psychologically not just with other human beings but also other living beings. The ability to develop empathy and a connection to other human beings is essential for survival in life and - in the current culture of diminishing civil liberty, increased technology and increased surveillance - could mean the difference between life and death.

Be real

Personal authenticity is fundamental to developing empathy, which in turn is fundamental to inspiring confidence and developing trust. This means that if you wish to come into the Qultura community we expect you to be real - which means that you are committed to talking your talk, walking your walk and living your truth. It's not enough for this community just to say "I'm a good person." Define good. A lot of evil that gets perpetrated out there in the world is committed by people who believe that they are good people. "Here, let me help you," said the monkey throwing the fish up a tree.

This means that your truth creates your beliefs, and your beliefs match what you say and do. This means that you never cause a person to feel uncomfortable or lesser than you just to please you. You know the difference between right and wrong. You have conscious awareness, a very good idea of who you are and who you're not, and a good idea of what you want to do and where you're going in life.

You're totally inclusive

You understand that every human being is just as significant and important to the species as you are and you're entirely comfortable with following such a principle.

You're prepared to be willing across the board

In life there's a clear division between heaven and hell and this boils down to whether you do things willingly for other people or you have to do things unwillingly for other people because otherwise you end up on your arse out on the street. There's an awful lot of people out there who are unwilling either because they've got an exaggerated sense of self-importance and think they're entitled to stuff, or they cannot be willing because they just don't have the money, the time or the energy. They don't have any of these things because they're constantly having to do stuff for money - money controls them. Such is the society we live in.

If you're willing, and I mean truly willing, then you're willing right across the board. You're 100% willing to life. You're 100% willing to other people. You're 100% willing to your community, to empathy and - most of all - you're 100% willing to walking your own unique and individual path through life from hereon outwards. This is what makes you part of the Qultura community and qualifies you as a Qultura volunteer or activist. You have no will of your own, no ambition, no Ego trip, no cherry picking and saying "Well I'm going to be willing to Person A but not to Person B, and I don't know if I'm going to be willing with Person C." No. No. No. Qultura is about a community, and not just you, so please learn the difference between individuation, which is what Qultura is about, and individualism, which is the business of deciding who is worthy and deserving and who isn't.

You're willing to come up with your own vision, your own ideas what you want to do, you're willing to work with other people, you're willing to develop the discipline and the empathy, you're willing to make the effort and come up with the commitment. You're willing to commit to having fun and making things pleasant and enjoyable in the Qultura community. I mean if you're working towards change, be it personal change, changes in the community or even social change, then it's got to be as enjoyable as it is memorable, right?"

About Qultura

Qultura is an empathy based community being developed to form a powerful, effective counter to human ignorance through the development of empathy, community, human individuality, creativity, diversity and the development of individual human experience, perspectives and consciousness. It is the first and possibly the only such community in the UK.

Participation in the Qultura community is completely free of charge to everyone and is a fully inclusive community open to everyone irrespective of location, background, circumstances. All you need is an internet connection, an open mind and a desire for personal, social and cultural change.