Take the mask off

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If you want to get into the Qultura community the first four things you need to do is firstly click on the audio and spend three and a half minutes listening to a song and think about things, second sign up to the community, third register for an account on the Community Message Board and finally be prepared to take that mask off you wear and commit to being real and making it real.

Understand the power of choice

I'm also going to ask you to make four very personal, but also very powerful choices. Choices are things we can all make and being fully conscious living beings we all have the power to make these choices and furthermore, we can all make a commitment to these four choices. I'm assuming that you understand the power that making choices can have in life, simply because choices carry consequences and some of those consequences can have very powerful effects not just on your life but also on the lives of other people. You know this as well as I do.

Understand the destructive power of belief

Please understand that we are all here in this situation collectively because we have believed far more than what was good for us or beneficial for us. Qultura is not completely unknown, this isn't some new start up, but is over 10 years old. Understand that this could have been a much bigger community but for the fact that many people reached a conclusion long before they even began to explore or examine the possibilities. I personally won't commit to believing anything that I haven't experienced or witnessed with my own eyes and I suggest strongly that you do the same. It's far better to keep an open mind, take everything purely at face value, and at least give yourself the chance to explore and see the possibilities. This alone can completely transform the way you see other people and the world around you. I personally don't see people in terms of black, white, man, woman, rich, poor, I just see really interesting, potentially wonderful human beings who are often trapped or imprisoned only by their own thinking and beliefs.

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Be real. Make things real.

The very first thing I'm asking you to do, even if you change your mind and decide not to join this community, is to commit to talking your talk, walking your walk and living your truth totally, without compromise, and get into the habit of trusting yourself, trusting the universe, and giving other people the benefit of the doubt. Being committed to being you totally in the face of others is a very liberating feeling especially when you know that there's nothing they can say or do which is going to change who you are or what you're about. Commit to living a life on the basis of discipline, your discipline, walk your own individual path through life, be who you're really meant to be, and match up who you really are with what you really believe and what you do in reality. Do things simply because you enjoy doing things, because they make you happy and make other people happy and not because you expect to get something from other people. Nobody is perfect and people will let you down and fail to follow through.

This comes to the second part of being real. This isn't just by saying to yourself "Well I'm a good person." Define good. Life isn't about being good. Being good can often get you nowhere in life and you end up becoming disappointed or disillusioned. What being real also means is that you never ever ever force anyone else to surrender or sacrifice their dignity, or make them feel uncomfortable just to please you. Just don't go there. Ever. Nor do you make yourself uncomfortable to please anyone else. This is an empathy based community and you're not going to be able to use empathy continuously. Using empathy can be exhilarating, but it can also be draining. Sometimes you've got to walk away and recharge, reconnect and centre yourself. Accept that other people can also be drained and low on energy.

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Share needs and insight, not suffering

Individual perspective can be a wonderful thing but it can also be a prison and a tool which can easily trap you or put you in a situation where you get stuck in life. Many people have an amazing talent for making themselves suffer over something which took place 10 or 20 years ago or which isn't going to take place until the middle of next week. Trauma is a common human experience because it's an experience which is built into life. We all struggle, we all experience pain, hardship, difficulty, loss, conflict, isolation, loneliness. We all get pissed off. We all do stupid things, make mistakes, misunderstand, or get the wrong end of the stick. We all suffer because of our own ignorance and the ignorance of other people. But understand that suffering is nothing more than a personal, emotional or psychological attachment to a traumatic experience and that we create our own suffering out of our own unfulfilled desires and expectations. Let it go, move on, try again some other time.

Oh and while we're on the subject of suffering and trauma, lose the individualism and self-sufficiency bullshit. Self-sufficiency is nothing more than a bullshit ideology that the seriously wealthy cling to to justify the fact that they enjoy their status and privilege through screwing other people over and using them. Self sufficiency is the belief that suffering is good for you and this is why almost all seriously wealthy people are going through life with a face like a smacked backside, talking pure horseshit and are so attached to their own self-importance that they cannot enjoy life. I'm not referring to those who became wealthy through a discipline such as actors, musicians, science or medicine, but those who set out to make money through hauling themselves up by their bootstraps and think that it's all about them. Yeah right.

The only thing in existence which is truly self-sufficient and independent is the universe. Everything is dependent on the universe - you are dependent on the universe as I am - but none of us are self-sufficient. We are all interconnected and interdependent on each other and our environment in order to survive. There'[s nothing wrong with reaching out and sharing needs and being vulnerable to others, after all it's what makes you human and is the fundamental basis of empathy. The whole point of having emotional and psychological needs is to motivate you to connect to other people and be a part of a family, community and society.

You see often when you share needs with other people, this is where you connect to other people because if you scratch the surface and cut through the ideological bullshit and mindgames most people are compassionate and capable of empathy. People are very real in their humanity and are naturally capable of being human beings. The real issue isn't that they've lost the ability to be human, the real issue is that they've been conditioned to switch off their humanity through having ideology rammed down their throats by people in authority 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Or they've had their self-esteem and self-confidence destroyed again through relentless social and mental conditioning and believe that money and status are important when they're not.

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Take chances and risks

Stop holding out for and demanding proof. Life is not a court case. Lose the habit of trusting authority and following the rules or some bullshit ideology because that's the quickest way of messing up your life and getting yourself continually screwed over by others. Time and time again.

Life is a lot shorter than you think. Actual life, and here I'm referring to real life is the felt sense of immediate experience and momentary contact with actual reality, life as an actual experience, that mystical experience where you're totally connected to the universe and your environment, and your experience is permanently recorded in your memory, is just a split second. That is your reality. Everything else is past or future and just the possibility you think about continuously. This is what people are referring to when they talk about living in the moment.

Think about this. Think about all the truly memorable things which have taken place in your life. Your first day at school. The teacher you were scared of. Your first favourite song. The first person you dated. The first time you feel in love. The first time you became aware of death. The situations you found yourself in and thought "How the hell am I going to get through this?" The times people took you by complete surprise. Chances are you're remembering brief moments in your life, the moments which stand out, and then you start thinking to recreate the experience in your mind from memory. Put together all these brief moments from your life and you can create a story of life which isn't shared by any other human being on the planet.

Now tell me this isn't what your life is really all about - going through those experiences and creating those memories. If you're sitting there, at this very moment in time going through the truly memorable experiences in your life then you're using your unique and individual perspective on life to recreate those memories from consciousness. Consider that if you weren't a conscious living being, you would not be able to recall or remember any of those experiences in your life. Consider this a free sample of empathy because I've just managed to make a very deep and personal connection to you, despite the fact that I have no knowledge of who you are. Now consider the risk or chance I'm taking as I write these words with no way of knowing if I'm going to connect to you.

Can you now see just how important taking chances and risks is when it comes to developing empathy? Can you not also see the importance of sharing insight, as I wrote above? But can you also see how in referring back to insight how I'm taking another chance?

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The choice of language

Words are powerful. Very powerful. Most people cannot handle my often verbose and heavy style of the English language and throughout my time spent developing Qultura the constant criticism I've received from people is that there's 'too much text' or 'too many words' or it's down to me writing stuff which goes way over most people's heads. But much of this is coming from people who have been conditioned to handle short doses of language in simplistic soundbites to express some bullshit nonsense or propaganda. Draw your own conclusions about how I've used words through music, text and personal experience to connect to you on this webpage alone and how I've used words to demonstrate the four principles I've written as important as a way into the Qultura community.

The example of what's possible

So let me complete the circle here. I'm someone who is very real, totally myself and completely unmasked. Many see me as the Alpha and Omega of Qultura, and this is what I'm trying to change. I never set up Qultura for my personal benefit, I have my own personal website and I have my own stage plays and scripts from my time in theatre and film making, I have my reputation as a writer among professional actors, and I have my own position as a community figure here in the Battersea and Nine Elms community in London. There's also the developing relationship with the local council Wandsworth which is currently in suspension due to lockdown.

My vision

I really don't want to be the leader here. I've already been a public figure and I didn't really enjoy the experience. I'm not a 'look at me' type of person, I'm much more behind the scenes and much prefer incognito. Throughout the past decade I have always set Qultura up to be a community and as a source of opportunity for other people. I'd much rather be the 'invisible hand' behind Qultura, the Core Facilitator, and for this to be a proper egalitarian community which develops out of nothing and nowhere and spreads faster than COVID-19. This is the vision I have in mind right now. The only difference of course is that unlike COVID-19 Qultura isn't out to kill people, but just dissolve the vast amounts of ignorance out there and create the higher level of consciousness so that communities can rise out of the ashes of a society destroyed by lockdown like a phoenix and stronger than ever.

So what about it?

Not sure if I can sell you on this vision, but I feel it's worth taking a chance. All you would need to do to be part of this is to sign up to the network, join a community message board, and spread the word. That way we would all have something to hold onto, we would all be connected, and being connected to an alternative community and a message board we can sit back and keep an open mind and spend whatever time in lockdown which remains in getting to know one another and figuring out together how to further develop Qultura.

Within the space of a few minutes you can be a part of the Qultura community.

About Qultura

Qultura is an empathy based community being developed to form a powerful, effective counter to human ignorance through the development of empathy, community, human individuality, creativity, diversity and the development of individual human experience, perspectives and consciousness. It is the first and possibly the only such community in the UK.

Participation in the Qultura community is completely free of charge to everyone and is a fully inclusive community open to everyone irrespective of location, background, circumstances. All you need is an internet connection, an open mind and a desire for personal, social and cultural change.