Terms and conditions

Here are our terms and conditions additional to our Community Standards

Qultura is a complete system for learning about and becoming familiar with Natural Law, basic mystical principles, and basic ritual magic so as to return to a state of mindfulness, change or transform one's state of consciousness, practise good mental health, develop social and cultural awareness and so on. Qultura therefore may refer to a method developed by an individual member of the Qultura community, the complete methodology, the Qultura community or the 'core' or central nucleus or hub of the Qultura community, i.e. Qultura Core.

Qultura is developed and maintained by its author, mystic and shaman Stella Baker, in the public interest and is freely accessible to members of the wider community as an esoteric, mystical community resource without charge for personal, non-commercial and non-organizational use. The contents of both the Qultura and Qultura Core websites are considered 'source' and the only original authentic content accessible to the public.

Elements and components of Qultura

Common to other esoteric and mystical systems and methods Qultura is presented through an online interface via the internet with both methodological and practical components, which can be defined as follows:

Qultura is presented as a complete methodology accessible through webpages, various e-books, insights and blog posts which are accessible online for the purposes of reading, self-study and development of mystical awareness and conscious awareness.
The Qultura community is the practical component of Qultura accessible to anyone and everyone with an interest in Qultura and presented as a community message board, accessible pre-arranged community meetings in community space, and various online groups and communities, e.g. through social media. The core of the Qultura community is known as Qultura Core.


Qultura is made publicly accessible without cost or charge, or societal obligation, to members of the public for 'personal' and individual use and benefit in ways which promote empowerment of individual human experience, mindfulness, good mental health, development of social and cultural awareness, and also promoting community development and participation, development of new culture and cultural awareness, and social cohesion.

This is on the understanding that:

Qultura is freely accessible for the purposes of empowerment of individual human experience, self-study, development of conscious awareness and mystical insight, development of a 'meta-physic', development of relationship with one's environment, community, and other community members.

Qultura is not accessible or intended to be used as an ideology or belief system, for commercial or money-making activities, for self-promotion or development of Ego, as a social movement, a political movement, or a protest movement. Qultura may not be promoted as any form of 'therapy', nor is Qultura a business or commercial enterprise.

Use of website

Both the Qultura and Qultura Core websites are maintained and made freely accessible to everyone on a 'goodwill' or 'good faith' basis for development of environmental awareness, social cohesion, community involvement and participation, and the empowerment and promotion of individual human life experience, human rights, conscious awareness, mental health, and mindfulness. The websites should be accessible easily on any device, be it a personal computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone (or other mobile device).

All e-book and digital resources are accessible for viewing, download and personal (individual) use free of charge 'as is' under a Creative Commons 3.0 licence (attribution) and may not be sold, distributed commercially or any charge made to anyone for access to such materials.

Please also be aware that both websites are actively maintained and updated periodically, usually once or twice a year.

Community involvement and participation

Qultura is presented and packaged as a complete methodology based on Natural Law and common mystical principles arranged into four components:

  • Natural Law
  • Universal principles
  • Combined numerology
  • Unmind

These are accessible - together with publications - in the 'Learn' section of the website. Qultura methodology is a complete methodology and is considered 'source' out of which all insights and blog posts are derived.

Qultura methodology is not a belief system, philosophy, religious belief or method and should not be understood to be such, as is the case with other similar systems such as Buddhism or Taoism. Qultura methodology is a complete methodology designed to be used and developed together with involvement and participation in the Qultura community.

This means that it is assumed that you, the end user or community member (if you become one), will seek to develop your own individual and unique Qultura methods based on the following:
  • your understanding, interpretation and awareness of Qultura as a complete methodology
  • your past life experience and social conditioning which is considered 'past' or karma
  • your individual conscious perspective and perception of life and living existence (Principle)
  • your past and current lifestyle, circumstances, and direction in life (Process)

This means that Qultura is designed to be used as a system for developing Qultura methods as part of a community - requiring community involvement and participation. Without community involvement your understanding and awareness of Qultura methodology is just mystical insight and nothing more than this. It's just a concept which you have learned and have committed to memory. This means it is a belief. What you need to do and what is recommended that you come into the community and seek out and explore opportunities to make use of such mystical insight to create truth and insight which you can share back and forth with other community members and people.

In order for you to be able to do this there are two aspects of the Qultura community - the Qultura community and Qultura Core: