The 5G network

A preview of the smart grid and internet of things coming from 2018


What is 5G?

The 5G network or 'the internet of things' which is about to be imminently rolled out. This is not a progression of 1G, 2G, and 4G, known to those who use a smartphone now. It's an entirely new platform of communication, the 'internet of things', where everything will be talking to everything else. It's based on new bandwidths and wavelengths, and has been trialled for years in the military complex.

This is a new system where any device or even a mechanical item such as a refrigerator, central heating system, hairdryer, electric kettle or even a bottle of tablets will be connected to the internet and assigned its own IP address, digitized, categorized and made 'smart'.

This means that any device you have, or appliance, can become 'internet available'. Many of these devices and things will be made smart so they won't even be able to work without a broadband internet connection. This is up to and including connecting your toilet to the internet. This also will apply to such things used in public such as traffic signals, smart cars, smart trains, which means that virtually everything we use or make use of will become smart and automated.

EVIL - Emergent Virtual Intelligent Life forms

5G will also completely transform our relationship with the Internet and computer technology and this will impact on the way we work and interact with one another. EVIL or emergent intelligent life forms, more commonly known as bots, look set to take over the internet by 2025. If you have made an online payment, applied for a job online, used a self-service automated checkout in a supermarket, you will have come into contact with one of these bots or life forms known as artificial intelligence.

While 5G offers instantaneous download speeds and the possibility to live stream television it is also predicted that artificial intelligence through EVILs will take over much of the data processing and decision making replacing humans in jobs. Already these EVILs or bots are being marketed to businesses and other organizations - they can learn and process information much faster than humans, do not need paying, do not take time off, so are much cheaper than human workers and when not needed they can be disconnected from the internet or simply deleted.

Currently we are in a 10 year period where these EVILS are learning to create their own algorithms constantly improving and updating their own decision making and logical thinking processes. They are learning from anything and everything on the internet, from other EVILS and bots, from humans, and each time you fill out an online form, type into a search engine, or post on social media such as facebook or Twitter these emergent life forms can access what you type, record it and store that information.

Changes to money and finance

5G will also revolutionize money and how we handle it. 5G means the end of cash and fiat currency, all money and currencies will be digitized and made 'smart' and this includes all currencies and the banking system.

Increased security, surveilliance and 'active denial systems'

There is a difference of opinion as to whether microchipping humans will become necessary or not. 5G works on a completely different bandwith and frequencies, not just a new millimetre wavelength but operates at much increased disk space and bandwidth at 22GHz, 28Ghz and 36GHz. 5G computers start at a1TB hard disk space. There is increased security and surveilliance, 5G technology can see through walls, through clothes, and there is also concern about 'active denial systems' where you can be shut out and deleted from the system. As there will no longer be any cash or money which isn't digital and connected to the system.

The darker side of 5G technology.

Different energy frequencies

energy spectrum

This is the energy spectrum, which was developed by Stella Baker in 2009 when she developed her theory of creativity and discovered that energy frequency can be either dramatic - low frequency energy or traumatic - high frequency.


This is a creative cycle, which forms the basis for Stella Baker's Theory of Creativity. This is naturally occurring energy, which occurs as a cycle or as a smooth wave.

Every living being functions according to a specific and individual frequency range of energy which is generally low frequency energy. The human brain is an electromagnetic organ which functions at between 6Hz and 8Hz. The creative cycle above illustrates the four stages of the creative cycle which is processed through both cerebral hemispheres of the brain connected with what Stella Baker refers to the Corpus Callosum pathway.

This relationship is further explained in much greater detail in Theory > Energy and the brain.

The effects of 'square' digital waves.

Digital technology uses square waves which have the effect of a strobe light. This is caused by the power being AC electricity but also the flicker rate of a television or screen of a smart phone or computer. Digital square waves have a harmful effect on the human body.

There are three such harmful effects:

Radiation: There are numerous harmful effects of radiation of high frequency wavelengths on living things and human bodies.

Corpus callosum shutdown and brain interference: Energy is energy. All energy in the universe is neither created or destroyed. Energy of a lower frequency means longer wavelengths and higher levels of consciousness in the energy - consciousness is relative to perception, which means that consciousness exists in energy.

Energy of a higher frequency is dark energy or of much shorter wavelengths and much less consciousness. We cover this more on our webpage about Agenda 21 but the harmful element of climate change and global warming isn't the release of CO2 gas into the atmosphere, but the high frequency 'dark energy' which becomes trapped in the Earth's atmosphere.Energy of a higher frequency increases the frequency of the surrounding energy. This can disturb sleep, affect concentration, lead to a loss of cognitive functioning and cause brain damage and mental illness.

Increased natural frequency ranges of energy: Exposure to much higher frequency levels of energy can also disrupt patterns of thinking, behaviour, qas energy of higher frequencies create stress, discomfort, pain, have a draining effect, make it more difficult to learn, concentrate, solve problems, and can lead to antisocial behaviour, as well as have numerous adverse health effects.

The neuralized net

All life forms whether they be human, animal or plant produce an electromagnetic field of energy around them. Energy is conscious, and this electromagnetic field is essential for our perception of consciousness in energy and gives us such things as our awareness and understanding of our environment, spatial and peripheral senses (constantly streamed naturally through the right cerebral hemisphere of the brain in humans). There are bound to be consequences when this electromagnetic field is surrounded by energy of a much higher frequency in what is known as a neuralized net.

This neuralized net will cover us everywhere we are, as it is intended to cover the entire planet, so we will be exposed to this net no matter where we are, and there will be no escape.

Artificial intelligence and autonomic systems

Consciousness is developed through an experience what we commonly know as life. For an individual organism or any other individual to be able to sustain life and develop consciousness it needs to be autonomic and capable of developing consciousness. Our focus as humans is not so much on how we function and the mechanisms of living (apart from of course, in healthcare) but on the development of consciousness, the activities, interaction and things we think about to achieve consciousness.

The 5G network allows for artificial intelligence to be developed into a system which is fully autonomic and capable of developing consciousness. One of the problems associated with this is that we assume that artificial intelligence is in fact artificial, and that there's a difference between reality and virtual reality.

But what if the two - reality and virtual reality - are merged into one of the same network and artificial intelligence becomes smart, decision making systems which become fully self-aware and self-conscious? What if such systems become part of a neural network connecting both technology and your brain so that every thought, every emotion and every feeling you have can be perceived, tracked and recorded?

It's important to remember that these systems are being developed primarily for logical decision making processes and to provide economic benefits, so they will be thinking in purely economic terms and perceiving humans as having a purely economic value. They will not be thinking like we humans do, they will not have the same awareness or understanding of life and human existence as we have. They will not be able to see the value and importance of such things as empathy, compassion, insight, personal experience, because these systems will not be organic, will not be using energy in the same way, and so will have a completely different consciousness.

The consciousness will remain different because the energy which these systems rely on will be digital 'square wave' energy, as explained above, which is completely different to organic energy.

5G and Universal Credit

The 5G network allows for surveillance, control, the making of many aspects of our lives, including money into a form of digital reality. One of the things which can easily become fully digital simply because it is a social construct is money. Money can be easily replaced by digital credit paid into an account - there will be no cash or alternatives in this new smart system - and the assigning of everything an I{P address and digitalizing it and categorizing it can allow for unlimited monetization of our existence.

Think about this. Imagine being billed for every time you open your fridge, use a kettle, use the bathroom, imagine having to pay for the hours you spend in bed, and having everything you do in bed tracked, recorded, monitored.

Now consider the conditionality which applies to the benefits system of Universal Credit, where you are expected to do extensive jobsearches, log every application you make, keep a daily written journal of your activities, and where you can be sanctioned and lose your benefits for not following the rules or doing what you should be doing at a given moment. Please also bear in mind that the 5G technology is going to replace many jobs, particularly when the system of money and finance becomes fully digital, so that the only opportunities available will be restricted to just a few fields, such as hospitality, catering, the entertainment industry, media and certain industries.

What if your right to life and existence depends on your economic value, productivity and this becomes your value to society? What if whatever decision making process in the system determines that you have no value in life and no value to society and you become shut out of the system as a result?

Qultura sees the potential benefits and potential dangers of the 5G network which is being rolled out from 2018 in the UK. We feel it is imperative for people and politicians to work together to maintain control over the development of the 5G network and that it be developed in a way which is not harmful or dangerous to people but positive and beneficial to everyone in society.