The Energy Spectrum

spectrumEnergy is absolute and cannot be created or destroyed. This means that the amount of energy in the universe is fixed and constant. Energy has three dimensions - wavelength, or the length or size of the creative cycle, frequency, and level of consciousness. These dimensions determine such things as force, impact, resonance and vibration. Energy exists on a spectrum of frequency = defined by Stella Baker in her theory as the Energy Spectrum.

About the Energy Spectrum

Energy is conscious, in fact it's consciousness in energy which determines the frequency and wavelength. Low frequency energy is high in consciousness, is dramatic low in frequency and is more commonly known as light energy. Consciousness drops the higher the frequency of energy (and shorter wavelengths), this is traumatic, and the higher the frequency of energy, the darker it becomes, to become dark energy.

There are two ends of the spectrum.The dramatic end of the spectrum ends at zero point, where there is no change and therefore no frequency. The traumatic end of the spectrum is the black hole where it is believed there is no energy. The purpose of the universe and evolution is to increase consciousness, which requires creativity and interaction.

Creativity and interaction

The universe can be defined as the collective entity of energy in existence in space and everything which exists within that energy and space. Energy has three dimensions based on the creative cycle which is usually expressed as a wave and is variable according to a spectrum based on the level of consciousness in energy, the length of the cycle or wave, and the frequency of that cycle or wave repeating itself.


Here we have the creative cycle from Stella Baker's Theory of Creativity which illustrates an energy wave or cycle illustrating the principle of consciousness in energy. Energy is conscious, change is synonymous with creativity, and creativity cannot exist without interaction, and vice versa, interaction cannot exist without change or creativity.

The cycle illustrates the four stages of creativity - perception, inspiration, conception and interaction. Consciousness exists in energy and not in the individual being. Mirroring is the interaction - action and reaction - according to the absolute, immutable principles of universal law.

Drama and trauma

Drama and trauma are the two ends of the Energy Spectrum determined by the frequency of the creative cycle and the level of consciousness within that cycle. Consciousness in energy is information because the meaning of the verb 'to inform' means to make aware, to increase perception and understanding, to enlighten.

Dramatic energy is light energy which is low in frequency. The lower the frequency of energy the longer the wavelength or creative cycle and the greater the capacity for consciousness within that cycle. Traumatic energy is dark energy, the shorter the wavelength or cycle, and so the lower the level of consciousness in that cycle. Traumatic or higher frequency energy can still be conscious, but the consciousness or information in dark energy requires more cycles or waves.

This is illustrated in the fact that digital energy requires much higher frequencies than conscious energy to achieve the same level of consciousness and why the consciousness is always heavily fragmented.

Drama and trauma form the basis of universal law, on which the principles of the Energy Spectrum and mirroring are based.

Universal Law

Everything is relative in the universe, which is based on creativity and interaction. Superficially this is cause and effect, which means that every action has a reason and an outcome or consequence. Universal law applies to everything in existence and is based on the fact that any action or change involves interaction and the nature of that interaction, or reaction, consequence or outcome is based on the spectrum of energy frequency.

Dramatic outcomes

A dramatic outcome results in any lowering of energy frequency and an increase in wavelength and level of consciousness. This results in such things as growth, order, structure, harmony, equality, balance, freedom, combination, union, cohesion, and increased awareness and perception. This is also what results in inspiration, conception and the creation of something physical (which is energy at much lower frequencies).

Traumatic outcomes

A traumatic outcome results in an increase in energy frequency and a reduction and shortening of wavelength and less consciousness. This results in such things as chaos, disorder, conflict, stress, disharmony, inequality, imbalance, instability, enslavement, fragmentation, decay, death, loss, failure, hardship, and suffering. 

Consciousness in energy and its effects

Mirroring and consciousness in energy is what gives gives energy its effects which comes from any shift in energy frequency along the spectrum, such as power, force, resonance, vibration and impact.

Individual energy frequency ranges


Everyone has their own individual frequency range of energy which regulates autonomic life processes, such as breathing, digestion, movement, circulation and everything else which doesn't involve conscious thinking. Much of the thinking we do, amounting to around 90% of brain activity, is unconscious thinking processes  undertaken by much of the brain below the surface, which is devoted to conscious thinking which accounts for around 4% or less of our total thinking.


It's our individual frequency range of energy which largely determines how we function as individual beings and forms the basis for our Life Path the trajectory of emotional and cognitive development we take through life which is developed and regulated by our conscious thinking processes, decisions, choices and actions.

Our individual frequency range is no different from the frequency range of a radio station on an analog radio, we function best when we are within that frequency range and our personal evolution and objective is to work towards increasing the spectrum of our frequency range  so as to develop the power to reduce our optimum energy frequency.

This is achieved through following your Life Path and going through your individual enlightenment process through developing moral principles and integrity.

Digital energy

Digital energy is not like organic energy because it is based on AC (alternating current electricity) which functions on the principle of extremely rapid back and forth frequency changes along the spectrum to produce 'square' waves. This is the same effect as the rapid on off action of a strobe light.

Digital energy is incompatible with organic energy and produces harmful effects on living beings, including humans, through receptivity and sensory perception. Our senses, brains and the surface of our skin are all receptive to energy frequency waves - all living beings are the same - and too much exposure to digital energy waves can cause discomfort, irritability, sleep disturbances, pain, stress, and cause serious health issues up to and including death.

This is because we are living, and therefore autonomic (autonomy is the component necessary to be able to sustain life) and the frequency of digital energy waves disrupts our own individual (organic) energy frequency.

electric chair

One of the fears of the new developing 5G technology is that the effects of its energy waves could prove lethal to life forms including humans due to the much higher frequencies needed - 28GHz, 39GHz and 100GHz - which can produce energy waves which can be directed and have a lethal 'microwave' effect on its target. It is believed that the development is killing off large amounts of flying insects and can have a similar lethal effect on humans. The top of our heads and our ankles are the most receptive to energy waves - which explains why the electric chair was believed to be a method of execution causing instantaneous death through connection to the condemned prisoner at the top of the head and ankles.

One of the most powerful forces in nature is the projection of human creative thinking. Only 4% of our brain activity is devoted to conscious thinking, and we are realizing only a similar small percentage of our creative thinking potential. Some scientists believe that the projection of energy from human creative thinking in the collective is powerful enough to project out beyond the atmosphere into space through the IG effect and electromagnetic energy, which was discovered in the 20th century by French astrologer Michel Gauquelin.

Digital technology will never have the same or equivalent power because irrespective of the frequencies used the projection of conscious energy will always become heavily fragmented and lost.

Digital technology is not organic, natural energy and will never have the same capabilities and same capacity for mirroring and transferring consciousness. Digital technology cannot replace natural or organic creativity or evolution because it is not based in the principles of universal law.