The Energy Spectrum

about energy and consciousness


Energy, on which everything is based in the universe, exists on a spectrum between consciousness and zero point energy (drama) and black holes and radiation (trauma). Energy can be a particle or wave, the basis of which is a creative cycle - the spectrum itself is just the range within which the cycle exists.

All energy is conscious to some degree and can be measured in terms of wavelelength, frequency, and level of consciousness. Through relativity there are such things as resonance, vibration, force and power which are all based on interaction between two points in a relationship.

Energy is also coexistent with space. You cannot have energy without spaace and all space contains energy. Density or solidity is essentially high frequency 'traumatic' energy with a shorter creative cycle which fragments space so energy of a lower frequency cannot pass through it. This is why certain things appear solid, because they are formed of energy of a high enough frequency to fragment space. The level of consciousness in that energy may be variable. For example metal is generally more conscious than earth or stone and capable of peodcuing more energy, e.g. sound energy.


Drama is energy which is lower in frequency, with a longer wavelength and a higher level of consciousness. This is also known as light energy and a dramatic effect is one which promotes connection, harmony, equilibrium, structure and order. Drama is therefore opposite to trauma.


Trauma is energy which is higher in frequency with shorter wavelengths and a lower level of consciousness. This is also known as dark energy and a traumatic effect is one which promotes density, separation, division, chaos, disorder, and fragmentation.

Energy is constant and cannot be created or destroyed but exists within a spectrum which is relative to perspective. There is the energy spectrum for the universe itself and also an individual energy spectrum for everything which is individual existing within the universe.

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