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Existence is a principle. Creativity and interaction is a process. This is all you really need to know about mysticism and existence in the universe. The Principle and the Process. How? What? If you pay attention to what is going on all around you, and you have an open mind, and are prepared to explore, experiment, learn and discover, you will always get to the truth.

This is the basis of Qultura methodology

Qultura methodology is based on the understanding that consciousness, energy and space always 'go together'. This is known as dependent arising, because consciousness, energy and space are dependent on each other. But what's the relationship between them?

Consciousness Space Energy Spirit
existence non-existence connection perspective
information emptiness sensation insight
conscious spatial physical meta-physical
experience reality feeling being

These are the four components of the universe and how they are relative to one another. This relationship is always the same irrespective of whether we think about the universe itself, the solar system, this planet, Nature, society, culture or life and living existence. You never find consciousness without space, and you never find space without consciousness, which means that existence and non-existence always, always, always go together.

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The Tree Example

There's around 3 trillion trees growing out of the surface of this planet. Trees are part of the rich, diverse ecosystem of this planet's atmosphere and this is what makes Planet Earth different from the other planets in the solar system - it creates life in various forms as a fundamental part of being Planet Earth. This gives us a fundamental truth about trees on Planet Earth.

A tree grows, the environment creates.

A tree is an organism growing in an environment and experiencing environmental reality. A tree is connected to other trees and everything else in its environment. We can assume that the tree understands that it is a tree. It does not need to be taught how to be a tree. It does not need to explain that it's a tree. The tree lives simply, and naturally, as a tree, often for hundreds of years.

Living existence is not any different for you as a human being. Sure you have legs and can walk around, but you're just as rooted to the dry surfaces of this planet as the tree, aren't you? Or do you live underwater say on the seabed? Or do you fly naturally through the air? Are you not connected to this planet? Are you not connected to other people? A social environment? A natural environment? Are you not experiencing living existence?

Qultura methodology - an overview

Qultura is not a religion, it's not a philosophy, it's not a science, it's not a belief system or ideology. Qultura is based entirely on mysticism and how reality works from a human perspective. Qultura methodology is made up from:

There are four universal principles in Qultura methodology

Creative Law
Creative Law is the universal principle of creativity and interaction and how energy is relative to consciousness and space through the polarity of trauma and drama. Creative Law is the foundation of Qultura methodology. Creative Law also gives you a principle as to how karma works in reality.
The Triangular Relationship
The Triangular Relationship defines actual reality and cultural reality, giving you a principle to figure out and determine the different types of reality you experience in life.
The Principle and the Process
This is the same simple concept as you read about at the start. You're not an Ego, you're not separate from your environment and other people, You are a Principle and your life is your Process. Everyone else is the same. Just like trees.
Primary social interaction
Human beings don't perceive their existence in terms of consciousness, energy and space, but in terms of language, words, culture and beliefs. Primary social interaction is the universal principle behind unmind.

Natural Law is of course the mystical awareness and understanding that we exist in a universe which is predicated upon balance, harmony and equilibrium, and that the constant cycles of creativity and interaction all start from the chaos, disorder, division and separation which is manifest out of trauma.

From Natural Law we get an understanding of how energy cycles and vibrations work and understand dependent arising, reincarnation and karma. We also understand that life is a dramatic response to the trauma and separation of death where we became physically separated from our bodies through trauma, and this trauma resulted in our rebirth, birth and the life we are experiencing now.

Natural Law is explained in detail in the book 'The Principle and the Process'.

On both the Qultura and Qultura Core websites under 'Resources' Natural Law is explained through 'Combined numerology' which are the 14 most important numbers of numerology each symbolizing and signifying a clear mystical principle and aspect of Natural Law.

Unmind is very much the 'way' or the core 'method' of Qultura methodology very similar to the dhamma' of Buddhism or 'the Dao' of Taoism, and spells out 'how' you create and develop your own Qultura methods by defining the eight fundamental and necessary mystical principles you need to know.

Unlike religion, Buddhism and Taoism, Qultura is not a belief system or philosophy, and if you treat it as such then you are an idiot.

Understand that you are born into life with a certain amount of karma to resolve and are fundamentally ignorant. In order to resolve your karma you need to go through certain experiences and make certain connections with your environment and other people to discover and learn your individual truth. You cannot achieve this through thinking, through believing, and nobody else can teach you your individual truth. You need to explore and experiment in life, learn, and find a way of sensing and feeling through your heart, not your mind.

You can only find your individual truth through connection to others and your environment, through empathy, and only you know what is your truth and what isn't.

Therefore Qultura methodology is a mystical, magical and shamanistic way of getting to your individual truth, and it is through unmind and the Qultura community, an empathy based community, where you can learn to recognize, discover and walk your individual path through life.

How do you really want to live your life?

How you live is going to be the way you die. You might want to think about this.

You don't have to create or develop a Qultura method. You can continue in your belief in separateness, with complete "freedom" to live as a human who doesn't 'get it', aspiring to be an environmentally ignorant, semi-conscious, mindless thug who is socially conditioned to:

  • be distrustful, fearful, indifferent to and potentially hostile to other human beings and species.
  • be competitive with others for social, economic and political power and status
  • be completely self-serving, acquisitive, entitled, exploitative, grasping and aggressive
  • be conditioned to spend most of your life working mindlessly as a debt-controlled wage slave in a fake, artificial socioeconomic system
  • mindlessly consume anything and everything that is made available or affordable to you
  • only believe selected ideologies and the 'right' doctrines and dogma of the rulers who have total control over you.
  • consciously make choices and decisions in your life knowing that other people will have to suffer the consequences.
  • mindlessly use language to push your personal agenda and ideological beliefs on others not caring if it causes them distress, fear, anxiety, or puts them into a set of circumstances where they need therapy, counselling, anti-depressants or contemplate suicide.

Choosing to be ignorant and mindless is a fundamental human right but as you're probably aware, it comes with a lot of karma and consequences, for example a sense of alienation, isolation, loneliness and insecurity. It also comes with a lot of misery, trauma and suffering which can easily transform your life into a constant struggle. You do you, be who you want to be, and live your life the way you really want to live.

While you think about this, you might want to check out The opportunity.

How everything fits together

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Qultura methodology

You get a solid foundation in Qultura methodology by reading the book 'The Principle and the Process'. Download for free by clicking on the links below.