The need for domination and control

Belief attachments are fuelled by our need for domination and control


The need for domination has existed throughout history and even today it's important to realize that our society and economy is based on the after effects of two of the biggest crimes against humanity which led to the establishment of the United States.

The first is the almost total genocide of the indigenous people of North America and the second is slavery. Britain played an important role in slavery, being a colonial power of Western Europe and this is what set up many of the wealth and power structures which still exist today. This has created a belief in a social hierarchy and cultural beliefs in social class which divides society. None of these social divisions are real but are based purely on personal belief. The reality is that any community or society is made up of individual human beings, each living in terms of their own awareness and understanding, each one following their own individual path through life, each one having a completely unique and individual perspective on life.

War is another important aspect of domination and a way of creating a conflict which disempowers people on both sides of the conflict. This can be seen very clearly from the Second World War which has created the ubiquitous 'left v. right' dichotomy of belief attachments.

It doesn't matter which side of the Atlantic you live on, culture is dominated by white, affluent, heterosexual males and creates a kind of monoculture. Even today women are mainly judged in terms of their appearance, whether they have children or are planning to have children, whether or not they are in a relationship, what clothes they wear, and these are issues which are deemed more important than their ideas and their creativity. There are further divisions along racial, ethnic lines and along lines of physical ability, income, occupation, sexual orientation and whether or not someone owns property.

It is the artificial scarcity which creates the need to compete which in turn creates a need to control and dominate others. It also creates a dependency on money forcing many people to sacrifice many things which would add to the quality of their life experience and even allow them to work in occupations where they have better skills, stronger interests and are more productive. But the artificial scarcity and manufactured lack of opportunity is what causes belief attachments.