The Qultura community


Introduction to the Qultura community

The Qultura community is built up around the nucleus, the Qultura Core project, and is made up of individual people just like you who reject the current system, or who are trying to become free of all the social and mental conditioning, and who are interested in participating in a community to bring about change. This change can be personal, it can be change connected with cultural development, getting involved in a new activity, meeting new people, making friends, developing a social support network, or doing something positive within the local community.

The purpose of the Qultura community

The Qultura community is set up to be a resource. This is so you can take your personal experience in life and your unique and individual perspective in life, share it with others, and create something positive with it for yourself and for other people. The Qultura website contains theory, different concepts, information about culture and information about Qultura. The Qultura community is where you take what you interpret from our website content and make something of it using your personal experience in life and your personal perspective.

Understanding the basis of the Qultura community


Above you can see a hologram, which is a kind of image or picture. However there is a major difference between a picture and a hologram. When you break up a picture, such as what happens with a jigsaw puzzle, you get different pieces of the whole picture. But when you break up a hologram, you get smaller versions of the whole picture.

The Qultura community is set up to function like the hologram. There are no rules or policies to follow. There isn't a central cause, ideology or belief system which unites everyone in the Qultura community. The Qultura community is based on a universal mission and set of objectives which promote human creativity and individuality, a consensus and universal principles. As the Qultura community is made up of different groups, communities, and projects, each individual project and community simply interprets the mission, consensus and principles differently. There is no need for any conformity because the Qultura community is set up to constantly diversify, evolve, and change. Qultura is, after all, all about change.

Understanding projects

The Qultura community is set up to function on the basis of individual projects or activities. The purpose of these projects is so that you can make use of your personal experience and perspective to bring about change for the benefit of yourself and other people. This could be something like developing a creative activity, such as singing, drawing, art, photography, writing. It can be something such as creating a social activity or developing cultural awareness, a film night, a book club, a recipe exchange. Or it could be tied to community support such as befriending the elderly, helping the homeless or promoting greater awareness and public interest in an issue such as mental illness, poverty, inequality. Within community support you can create your own appeals and promote them to gather resources for a particular cause. Even if it's you who needs the support.

It's envisaged that the more people who get involved with the Qultura community the more projects become created. This works on the principle that, as the Qultura community expands, the projects created by people in the community also increases and also diversifies. This doesn't however mean that projects have to be long term, or large, or even successful. Two people working together on an activity can be a project. A project can be temporary, and last only a week or even a day. If a project doesn't work out a new project can be created. You can find out more about projects from the link on the right.

Understanding roles

The stated Qultura mission is to promote human creativity and individuality. In essence we're working to shift the emphasis onto individual human experience and its importance, because it's people having their personal experience recognized and valued which promotes cultural development, which in turn promotes social progress and drives forward human evolution.

This is why we encourage you to get involved in the Qultura community, participate in projects and, if there isn't a project which matches your experience or interests, we invite you to create one. As you get involved in different projects you can change your role and involvement in each project. Getting involved in any existing project requires simple participation, but you can also volunteer and help develop a project, help develop the community or even create your own project. Likewise you can reverse your participation if you need support from others or you have experienced a social issue or trauma and want to start a project or appeal based on your personal experience. You can change your role depending on what projects you decide to become involved in.

Getting involved with Qultura

There are different ways of getting involved with the Qultura community - on Facebook, on MeWe, via Groupbox, or by getting involved in the Qultura Core community.

The Facebook community

The Facebook community is a centralized group designed primarily for Facebook users to connect to one another irrespective of where they are on the planet. The group is closed so you have to apply to be added but once in you can post and connect to other Qultura community members.

Connect on Facebook

The MeWe community.

As an alternative to Facebook we have another similar group on MeWe. You will need a MeWe account to access it.

Connect on MeWe


Qultura relies on Groupbox for the basis of its online communities simply because Groupbox offers fantastic content management opportunities which Qultura lacks. Both Qultura and Groupbox are not for profit, both offer completely free access to their website and resources, and neither are corporations.

While our communities lack the popularity of corporate social media sites such as Facebook, we also offer online communities which are free from the various issues of corporate social media, such as the mining of your data and content, the constant spamming of your feed with sponsored content and ads, the annoying shifting and reorganizing of your feed content, and the constant suggestions that you 'friend' online trolls and other shady characters from the internet.

You will need a Groupbox profile which you can set up in minutes with just an email address and password. Then you can come back to our website and click on any of the links in the footer to join a community. For more information please check out the link as to how Qultura and Groupbox work together.

Set up a Groupbox profile


We are working to develop a presence on Patreon to solicit pledges of support for the community and where we plan to post appeals from Qultura community members and reverse participants.