The Theory of Creativity

the common principles of existence


Existence is based on the deveelopment of consciousness through creativity and interaction. to bring about change. Change is constant because it is based on energy which is also constant. But we know that the universe is expanding, this is because energy is expanding in space through creativity and interaction.

Core principles of existence

There are three core principles of existence

  • Individuality - everything created is unique and individual and never replicated
  • Binarity - everything is in some way binary to facilitate relativity and interaction
  • Cyclicity - all change is cyclical and based on a creative cycle

States of being

There are two states of being which are reality and possibility. That what is commonly perceived as the past is experience, which can apply to both animate and inanimate individuals.

Latency and activity

There is also the binary of latency and activity as creativity and interaction is how everything functions and is connected to being. Creativity and interaction is the modus operandi of the universe so latency gives potential and relates to possibility while activity is a part of reality.

The Common Objective

The common objective is development of consciousness and this applies equally to the universe itself, to evolution and to living existence.

Aspects of the theory

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