The Theory of Creativity

This is Stella Baker's Theory of Creativity


Definition of the universe

The universe is the collective whole of energy in existence and everything created and which interacts as part of that collective.

Definition of energy

Energy is absolute and cannot be created or destroyed. This means that the universe itself is constant. fixed, immutable and absolute and forms the basis for existence. Energy has three dimensions which are variable - wavelength or cycle, frequency and level of consciousness. Energy exists on a spectrum of frequency and functions according to a set of fixed, immutable and absolute principles known as universal law. This is further explained in the Energy Spectrum which forms part of this theory.

The principle of existence

Much of what makes up the universe lies outside our perception and is made up of dark energy. The universe is expansive only in terms of consciousness in energy which requires perception. Expansion of consciousness, through mirroring and evolution, is something which takes places as a constant process based on universal law, action, reaction and interaction and is the objective of the universe in the collective and everything in existence within it.

The creative cycle


This is a creative cycle. Any creative cycle is a cycle of four stages because creativity cannot take place without interaction and interaction also cannot take place without creativity or an exchange of energy flows or information. Creativity and interaction together is known as a process of mirroring and the creative cycle has four stages because it involves an exchange of energy flows between a specific point in a relationship and the energy in the atmosphere existing within the universe and also an exchange of energy flows between other physical objects and life forms in the environment.

The four stages of the creative cycle

The four stages of any creative cycle indicate a different state of awareness and understanding:

  • Perception - the level of current awareness and understanding at a fixed point relative to time and space.
  • Inspiration - the enlightened state of awareness and understanding obtained after mirroring with the energy in the atmosphere.
  • Conception - an altered state of awareness and understanding relative to current physical reality
  • Interaction - a change in the physical reality and culture as a result of conception and interaction whch results in creased levels of consciousness.


Individuality is the basis of existence because everything created is individual is created out of energy and increased perception of consciousness. No two things created are ever the same but are unique and individual.


Creativity is synonymous with change, so all change and motion takes place in cycles because energy is responsible for the change and energy is cyclical in nature.


Given that everything is individual and evolving consciousness can only be expanded through individual creativity and interaction which means that there is always a triangular relationship between individual, environment and the universe itself and mirroring takes place between these three points in the triangular relationship in accordance with the common principles of universal law.

Physical reality

Everything physical is created out of energy through inspiration and conception and is individual because it is relative to both time and space. Water and energy share a symbiotic relationship to promote and sustain life because physical matter differentiates from physical mass in that it contains large amounts of water and needs a constant supply of energy and water to sustain life and continue to be independently creative and interactive with its environment and other life forms.

The purpose of evolution

The purpose of evolution is to develop consciousness in energy and thus expand the universe through the common principles of universal law.

Human evolution

Human evolution is developed through individual creativity, interaction and enlightenment which develops culture. Cultural development is what promotes social progress and drives forward human evolution.

It is cultural development and individual creativity which creates opportunities for interaction which also promotes economic prosperity through the development of culture and sharing of ideas and opportunities.