The above illustration is two images brought together. Please take a look for a moment. Lower on the left you have a simple illustration of the Big Bang theory which started the universe with an almighty explosion. Then further up on the right you have an illustration of some ink splashes.

Can you make any connections between the two different images put together?

How about that both the Big Bang and the ink splashes both involved some explosion or impact, such as the ink hitting the surface it splashed against? However as you can see from the outer edges of the splashes the edges become more intricate, detailed and patterned. It's as if the ink moves in different directions randomly.

Only this isn't quite so randomly. See those intricate patterns at the end of the ink splashes? There is a universal principle being applied here.


This is another illustration taken from Creative Law developed by Stella Baker in 2009. This is where she made the personal discovery that drama is directly related to consciousness and development of consciousness. Drama is opposite to trauma, which is caused by high frequency energy such as impact (blunt force trauma) or an explosion, or an ink splash.

Now returning to the Big Bang theory of the universe. What if the force of the original Big Bang is causing the universe to expand just like the ink did when it splashes against the surface? But as the energy from the original Big Bang reduces in energy frequency, consciousness develops and this is what creates life and motivates not just living existence but also evolution.

But irrespective of whether or not you believe in the Big Bang theory or not this interplay between drama and trauma, and energy and consciousness is reality and this principle has been used repeatedly with numerous people to accelerate recovery from addiction, mental illness, and emotional trauma. No medication, no therapy, no counselling, just people who became aware of the theory and decided to increase their connections to others and become more creative.

It is believed by a few that human creativity is so powerful that it could reverse the effects of climate change if undertaken to a sufficient degree, although there is nowhere enough opportunities out there in the world to see if such a thing would work, and most societies are just not open enough or receptive enough to individual human creativity. But there could be many more uses where these theories could become useful and this is why we are sharing them publicly and freely for people to explore, experiment with and hopefully make new discoveries.

About this section

This section contains Creative Law. Social Theory, an interpretation of Universal law, a concept of human individuality, a definition of truth, and six concepts arranged into a system which anyone can follow. This section is put together together with the Culture section to promote awareness, understanding, insight, so that you and others can make whatever changes need to be made at a personal and community level.