• Promoting human individuality and creativity


Qultura's work is based on a number of simple theories developed by Stella Baker in 2009. These theories relate to creativity, existence, energy and there is also a social theory.

The Energy Spectrum

In 2009 Stella Baker discovered that energy exists on a spectrum between zero point energy/consciousness and black holes and can be perceived either as waves or particles. Energy can be measured according to wavelength, frequency and level of consciousness.

The Theory of Creativity

The Theory of Creativity relates to the creative cycle which involves perception, inspiration, conception and interaction, where a wave and a cycle are essentially the same.

Social Theory

At around the same time as Stella Baker was developing her Theory of Creativity and Energy Spectrum she also developed a social theory based on the premise that individual human creativity is what develops culture, and cultural development is what advances social progress and motivates human evolutiion.

Cultural decline

This is an explanation of the process of cultural decline and how it relates to social fragmentation and social stigma, which in turn can lead to authoritarianism and social collapse.

Digital v. actual reality

This is an article about the differences between digital reality and actual reality.