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Okay so let me start by clearing up another widespread misconception. You do not have a mind of your own. That what you think is your mind is actually part of the environment and is essentially playback for your senses and perception. If you had a mind of your own you would become unconscious when you go to to sleep but you're actually conscious. You simply shut down your perspective and stop paying attention to your environment when you sleep. Consider that dreams are just fragments of consciousness and the reason why they don't make sense is because intellect is part of your mind and, in not paying attention, you cannot verbalize your dreams or translate them into logical thought or language.

Brain hemispheres

The human brain is divided into two hemispheres - left and right - which are very clearly divided between mind and perspective. Your mind is purely environmental and your perspective is specific and unique only to you. This is a very clear distinction. You do not speak a language which nobody else understands, do you? When you walk down the street you don't see things which nobody else sees, do you? You go through the same common experiences as everyone else does in life but how you feel about them or what you remember is entirely down to your perspective. Your perspective is how you can make yourself suffer over an event which happens 30 years ago or over an event which isn't going to take place until next week. Your perspective is that part of the brain which talks to you and demands to know what you were thinking when you do something stupid. Your perspective is all about truth and that part of your brain which isn't at all hesitant to point out that truth, no matter how uncomfortable. Sometimes the only way you can shut your perspective up is to switch your conscious attention to your mind and focus on something in the environment.

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The felt sense of immediate experience

Your mind is a powerful tool for dissolving ignorance through living consciously and 'being in the moment' so that you go through what we understand to be the felt sense of immediate experience. This is a bit like a light switch where you connect to the universe, become fully alert, aware, engaged, connected to the environment and to the people all around you. Most people don't do this choosing to remain comfortable in their ignorance and you can easily spot them because they're the ones who go through life like mindless zombies continually getting the wrong end of the stick, not understanding, not getting it, missing the point and trying to make everything all about them. For them life becomes an event which happens to them repeatedly through sequences of melodramatic events and misfortunes or a constant daily battle or struggle trying to keep control of things and trying to bend everyone to their will like big overgrown toddlers.

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Creation of reality

There's a clear difference between mind and perspective and the difference is that mind is orientated towards memory and intellect and what I would describe as physical thinking, or cognitive functioning, whereas perspective is orientated towards consciousness, feeling, sensation, sensing, perception and the creation of truth.

Perception is a combination of sense and experience, both of which are continuous and based on consciousness, which is essentially information but information that constantly changing. The main thing you need to understand however about perception is that it's you who creates your reality through your senses and brain through being in the present moment and paying attention. Above you see an imagine of a collection of fruit and vegetables, each one completely different in terms of size, shape, firmness, smell, taste and colour. In purely physical terms all these different fruits and vegetables are composed mainly of water, but what makes them look and appear different from water is the consciousness they contain, and it's you who is perceiving that consciousness and not seeing them all as just water through your senses and the information which is coming through to your brain.

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Truth v. belief

Truth and belief are two completely different things. This is no different from the fact that intellect and memory is totally different from perception and experience. Thinking is a purely physical activity which is undertaken by memory and intellect and which generates belief, which is also purely physical and abstract. You can believe something is true, because you assume it is true, or want it to be true, or wish it were true, but as much as you wish something to be true or want it to be the truth, that doesn't make it true. Even if you need something to be true, it doesn't make it true, but remains a belief.

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All thinking is digital in nature

Thinking is a purely physical activity which is based on binary or the binary system. To be or not to be? Is it or isn't it? This goes right back to the second principle of Creative Law which I stated in Core reference of binarity which is the second principle of existence - binarity. Everything in existence conforms to a basic underlying pattern of dualism, black and white, light and dark, male and female, hot and cold, on or off, and all these things are part of a spectrum which is actually all part of a cycle - the creative cycle.

All digital technology, up to and including 5G technology, is based on the exact same system of thinking as physical thinking, such as human thinking. It's all either on or off or a zero or a one. This is all based on I-Ching or the Book of Changes. The Book of Changes is thought to be the oldest of the great Chinese classics and dates as far back as 1300 BC at least, but may date back even further and actually be the first actual recording of human thought. The I-Ching is the basic mapping out of the thinking processes of Mankind.

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A clear example of binarity and digital thinking is the Gestalt image above where you can see either a black and white image of two faces or alternatively, the outline of a chalice or candlestick. You cannot control your thoughts nor can you control that what you perceive, you can only control the focus of your conscious attention and switch between perception and thinking. Trying to control your thoughts or thinking, or that what you feel or your emotions or moods is stressful and uses up a lot of energy when what you need to be actually doing is letting your thoughts and feelings flow, express them freely, and stop putting value judgements on them. Always remember that your thoughts, emotions, feelings and thinking is purely physical and transient in nature. If you're angry be angry, if you're sad be sad, and if you're happy be happy. Supressing thoughts and feelings leads you to bottle them up and eventually, if you do this habitually, you're going to end up with some quite serious health issues - mental and physical.

But is human intelligence purely physical?

Think about this. Think about everything you know and understand. Think about everything you've been taught. Think about everything you've experienced in your life. Think about everything you think to be true, and everything you know and understand to be the truth. Think about everything everyone has ever told you. Think about everything you tell other people about yourself, and what you think and what you feel. Is it really as those in authority want you to believe, and how you've been educated, that everything you need to know has to come from authority, or from a book, or from a newspaper, or is that what you understand to be the truth that what you personally have experienced and witnessed first hand?

Truth is relative to perception

If you've just done some thinking about your life and what you know, you should understand that that what you actually do know and understand to be the truth has got nothing to do with your memory or intellect, but is very clearly and far more closely connected to your understanding of consciousness and what you have actually experienced in life. This is the thing about belief and truth and reality. You cannot know everything there is out there to know and understand simply because you don't live that long. Furthermore you don't get to change society or what other people think. You can only change your individual reality and what you think, and this all comes down to developing your perception, going through the experiences, and developing your unique and individual perspective on life.

All you touch
And all you see
Is all your life
Will ever be
Pink Floyd 'Breathe"

Be very careful when it comes to beliefs

There's a very good reason for this. You cannot directly perceive consciousness. Consciousness is far too complex to understand or figure out. It's constantly changing. Understand that the universe is coming at you constantly in a vast multidimensional continuum of sensation and experience, and you can only think in terms of your conscious human attention, which is linear in nature. Your conscious attention accounts for just 4% of your total brain activity and thinking is the most strenuous activity you do, because you do it consciously. This is why education takes so many years because you have to literally scan hundreds of miles of text and you can only scan from left to right or up and down. Most people can only focus their conscious attention on one thing at a time, some people can focus on two things, but this requires practice, and it takes some serious effort and training to focus on three or four things at a time such as a juggler does, or the drummer in a band.

Momentary contact with reality

You cannot directly perceive consciousness, which means you have to recreate it from your memory and perception. Thought is a process which is insecure, fragile, and purely physical in nature - thinking can be physical, mechanical, chemical, or organic, but it is insecure and fragile. You develop ideas, concepts, thoughts and memories from fragments of thought, and you can be very easily distracted or fooled so that what you think is happening isn't really happening.

What you do is that you recreate the consciousness you experience through your memory and intellect and this is how you develop your perspective. Recreating consciousness through your memory and thinking - which we understand to be intellect but which is actually cognitive functioning - is the process of creating truth and only you can create your own truth. Accepting truth from a second hand source, such as another person, a newspaper, a television programme or the news isn't your truth, and if you accept this information as the truth you are creating authority, not truth.

The truth v. authority

If you recall The Roots of Ignorance you will recall the hypnotist analogy I gave you to refer to the short phrase 'the truth' and how this is generally used in society by authority figures such as parents, teachers and politicians to get you to believe things which aren't true or which are downright lies. This is why politicians, political leaders and the media all lie to you and they all do this to dis-empower you and bamboozle you with information to keep you confused, dependent on and subservient to authority.

Belief attachments stifle possibility and create ignorance

Please consider that the entire content of my website here could be complete nonsense or gibberish or it could be the truth, and there is no way you can prove either way which it is. You are not me, you have not lived my life, you haven't gone through the experiences I have gone through. You simply have no way of knowing for sure whether what I'm writing here is fact or fiction. But see this is the thing. If you believe everything I've written on this website then you just have another version of reality, all you have is my perspective, and this has no influence whatsoever on your perspective or your experience. If you disbelieve everything I've written here you just have a negative version of reality and my perspective but still, it doesn't change or affect in any way your perspective or your truth.

Trauma and mental illness

Something which is extremely important to understand is that, in order to maintain good mental health you need to do four things:

  • be connected to your environment and other people
  • be connected to reality and live in the present moment
  • be yourself totally and without compromise
  • accept the fact that, just like everyone else (including me) you're profoundly ignorant and commit to working against your own ignorance by developing your perspective and keeping an open mind

Please understand that your central nervous system and brain are two completely separate things and unlike your body, which has a central nervous system running right through it, your brain is only protected by your skull and is the target of your central nervous system. Most people end up either mentally ill or messed up in the head in life simply because they treat their brains like shit. They throw away their autonomy in life usually in childhood at school and they then rely on authority figures to do their thinking for them. They do this despite the fact that it becomes very clear that the people they're believing don't give a monkey's chuff about them and since the advent of smartphones most people have even given up paying attention to what's going on around them, considering other people or looking where they're going.

If you treat your brain like shit, don't bother to develop a discipline, treat life seriously or pay attention to what's going on around you, or develop a proper harmonious relationship with yourself and other people, then inevitably your brain's self-defence system is going to kick in and start shutting down your ability to think and develop consciousness. Without that constant connection to reality and life experience once your brain's self-defence mechanism kicks in you end up with a disconnection to your reality and your central cognitive functioning ability starts to degrade and this can end up with depression, anxiety, other forms of mental illness, addiction, obesity, anger management issues, a feeling of isolation, loneliness, and a feeling of worthlessness and lack of self-esteem. Take this to its logical conclusion and you will lose all motivation for living and start thinking it's better if you were dead and this is when you start thinking about killing yourself and committing suicide.

Reversing the process

Understand that all trauma and traumatic experiences create harmful destructive processes which work against your brain and how it functions. Understand that mental illness, depression, anxiety, obesity, addiction, and loneliness are all instinctive natural strategies employed by the brain to force you to start paying attention and take steps to reverse the processes you're putting yourself through.

If you don't believe me go make an appointment with your GP and listen to what they tell you.

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