Total inclusivity

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Please don't come into the Qultura community or even consider it if you're not fully prepared to be part of a totally inclusive community. The commitment to total inclusivity in this community is global and applies universally both online and offline. Understand that your physical appearance or being doesn't mean diddly squat in this community and you're included in the community as a fully conscious living human being.

The Qultura community is all about evolution

This is a small community of people who are, each in their own way, totally committed to living consciously as fully fledged human beings on the basis of being completely natural and conscious living beings. Your physical body is just the vessel or container, no more significant to your being as the cup or mug out of which you drink tea or coffee. You can still drink tea or coffee out of a chipped or cracked mug or even if the handle is broken off, and nobody gets upset or freaks out over the colour of the mug or cup, because they understand that the coffee or tea tastes just the same.

What is important is the experience, the social interaction, the exploration, experimentation, the learning and the discovery. This goes right back to having as many of those momentary experiences of real life which I described in the introduction titled Take the mask off and extracting as much consciousness as possible out of life and opportunities.

This is about doing stuff because you enjoy it or want to have fun

There's no ideology or belief systems involved so nobody in charge to tell you what to think or believe. Total inclusivity means being part of an egalitarian community where good relations, trust, reciprocity and mutual support is central to the experience. Our most successful and most popular project right now is a community library at our Qultura Core project which is enjoyed by hundreds of people in the Nine Elms local community. No library cards or membership needed. People come and borrow books and others come and donate books. We're coming to the end of the first year of this project and nobody has stolen any books.

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I'm currently working to set up drama workshops and comedy projects. Prior to lockdown we were asked by the local Wandsworth Council to develop a food sharing project. I'm also working to develop a support network for Universal Credit claimants which is also suspended due to lockdown.

It cannot be all take, take, take in the community

This is the whole problem with many people nowadays they want something for nothing or something for free. Or they want something to be handed to them on a plate or which doesn't require much more than five minutes effort. Or they want money or to be paid for something. This isn't how things work in a community, you've got to be prepared to give and take and share. You've got to be prepared to do things for yourself and other people simply because you enjoy doing stuff and you enjoy social interaction and being around other people.

About Qultura

Qultura is an empathy based community being developed to form a powerful, effective counter to human ignorance through the development of empathy, community, human individuality, creativity, diversity and the development of individual human experience, perspectives and consciousness. It is the first and possibly the only such community in the UK.

Participation in the Qultura community is completely free of charge to everyone and is a fully inclusive community open to everyone irrespective of location, background, circumstances. All you need is an internet connection, an open mind and a desire for personal, social and cultural change.