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A traumatic mindset is any mental, emotional, or psychological state which takes you out of your natural state of mindfulness and Core Being or goes against your Principle (as per the Principle and the Process, the third universal principle in the second component).

There are five traumatic mindsets which arise out of the belief that the Ego is real or the same as natural humanity.

Lust is a fundamental motivation or desire to either objectify, dehumanize, fetishize, sexualize or abuse yourself, someone else or something else for the purposes of gratification, personal fulfillment, personal gain, personal advantage or personal profit which is achieved non-consensually. Understand is also any desire or motivation to seek or gain control or an advantage over another living being or human for the false illusion of power, authority or control.

Enmity is a fundamental motivation or desire to destroy, harm, abuse, cause damage, create division, create or cause suffering, pain, loss, hardship, separate, maim, injure, or even kill another living being or human, use force against them.

Apathy is a fundamental motivation or desire to separate self from other and reinforce separateness through thinking, communication and action or unthinking, non-communication and inaction so as to avoid connection, disconnect or remain indifferent or passive from other and one's environment on the basis of environmental ignorance.

Worry is a fear based traumatic mindset which takes in anxiety, doubt, societal indifference, fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear of other people, self-doubt, a lack of self-confidence, a fear of other people's opinions or reactions, fear of being found out, general insecurity, and through this mindset you are unable to be in a state of mindfulness or focus your conscious attention on anything because you are ruminating and preoccupied by whatever is causing you to worry, be anxious or fearful.

There is thinking, there is feeling, there is even breathing, communication and interaction but the mind is well and truly closed and fixated on an ideological or philosophical belief which forms the basis for reality. This is the traumatic mindset of the small-minded individual who is attached to separateness, Ego and belief cycles who is unable to perceive or recognize either reality or truth. This can be a transient, temporary mindset just as much as it can be a permanent unchanging mindset.