The Triangular Relationship

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All existence is based on a triangular relationship. A river is an individual river but not the only river in existence, and it also exists in an environment. Likewise you are an individual human being in a constant relationship with your environment and also society. This means that there is no separateness in existence. Everything is interconnected and interdependent on everything else in existence.

The Triangular Relationship is based on Creative Law. You cannot have creativity without interaction, just as you cannot have interaction without creativity.

This means that any change in one circle, be it individual, social or environmental will have consequences in the other two circles. A change in a social relationship will result in environmental change and also change in the individual. This is because consciousness is the basis of reality and existence and is therefore the environment.

This also means that desired change in one area requires change in the other two areas. You cannot resolve an issue or solve a problem with the same level of consciousness and without some form of social interaction.

Any change or interaction will result in consequences which are either dramatic or traumatic. The outcome is determined by karma. Karma is a Sanskrit word meaning 'action'. Karma is commonly misundersood to be a form of divine retributive justice especially in Western culture. This is far too simplistic because like consciousness or the environment karma can never be fully understood or know. It is too complex and too infinite. Karma can can only be felt or experienced. This means that karma is like love and fear, the two dominant forms of energy in human interaction. It can only be defined by you as a part of your individual experience and perspective. You cannot define karma or know of it as a complete entity.

The Triangular Relationship is also based on Universal Law and is significant when making choices. You can use the Triangular Relationship to make some very powerful choices in your life. Please see the webpage about the power of choice in this section for more information about making powerful choices.