tree fog

The Triangular Relationship is a universal principle based on the different forms of reality you experience. Learning to be able to differentiate the two is fundamental to being in a state of mindfulness and being able to create truth.

If you read the insight about self and other and relationship you will know that consciousness and space are the fundamentally the same thing. In terms of Qultura methodology consciousness is defined as existence and space as non-existence and reality. Therefore space is the reality which defines consciousness and existence.

The mystical transaction

You are always relative to an environment both in terms of actual reality (the universe, this planet, your physical body) and conceptual reality (social background, culture, society) therefore you are always connected to both.

The environment is always the totality and is always multi-dimensional while the individual is always reflective of the totality and environment.

The mystical transaction is based on equanimity because that what exists is connected through non-existence and space which defines the reality of its existence, and reality is defined by everything that's in existence and also in relationship with space.

Existence is always defined by reality and space (non-existence) and reality is always defined by the totality of everything in existence which can only be defined as environment.

The felt sense of immediate experience

Your life experience is defined by the felt sense of immediate experience which is your experience of the totality of your environment in the present moment in time.

Reality only exists in the present moment which means that time flows outwards through memory (time perception) from your Principle into possibility. This means that both the future and past are conceptual and you can only relate to either the past or the future as a thought in the present moment.