The Triangular Relationship - the different states of reality.

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The Triangular Relationship was developed out of Creative Law at the start of 2010. The Triangular Relationship defines the three different versions of reality we all experience from our individual perspectives.

Actual reality is the reality of the universe and Nature which is based the creative process of consciousness and evolution through the manifestation of biological reality. This creative process is not affected in any way by death unless of course a species dies out completely and becomes extinct.

Cultural reality refers to your psycho-physical reality which means everything to do with your body, senses, brain and mind.

This includes things such as your physical and cultural identity, your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions, your moods, your beliefs, language, and also the various forms of intimacy and physical expressions you share with others as part of your connection with them, such as handshakes, hugs, touches and of course all the bedroom stuff.

All cultural reality starts with your conception and coming into being, followed nine months later by your birth and debut in society, and ends with your death and the planetary biomass you leave behind you. This is where the actual reality of you, the conscious aspects, are passed on to others who knew you.

Your individual reality is made up of your individual experience of both actual reality (consciousness) and cultural reality (all the psycho-physical stuff that some people think makes up reality through having an Ego and being "somebody"). It's important here to understand that you cannot fully understand, explain or define either actual reality or cultural reality. You can only define your individual reality based on your perception and individual conscious perspective.