Understanding time and energy

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If you've been paying attention to stuff online beyond the usual political stuff you might have noticed there's an emerging trend among some to question what we understand time to be. Is time really an illusion? Well yes and no. If you've been reading the other featured posts in this section you will understand perhaps that consciousness and space are actually the same thing - consciousness, and also that trauma, karma and reincarnation are also pretty much the same thing. So what's the deal when it comes to time?

Until recently it was believed that life was a finite amount of time and energy. When you ran out of time and your body could no longer sustain energy that;s it. You died. But more recently, probably due to the development of quantum physics, some scientists are questioning the reality and existence of time with some claiming that time is an illusion. But is this really true?

Fortunately there is an answer.

Creative Law

The reality of time

We start again with Creative Law, the same universal principle as we started from in 'The principles of change' because Creative Law is all about the relationship between energy, consciousness and space.

As I stated in this previous article we cannot directly perceive consciousness and space except through energy and physical form. Therefore from our perspective consciousness and space are one and the same thing. However in terms of Qultura consciousness is taken to be existence, because we can perceive consciousness through physical form and incarnation - incarnation is when consciousness goes into energy and manifests as physical form. Consciousness is also information, because if something exists and we can perceive it, then we much be able to perceive some information about that what exists.

Therefore space is taken to be reality, because if something exists and has physical form then it must be real, right? We perceive space as emptiness, nothing, but here it's always important to remember and keep in mind that space is actually consciousness, but consciousness that lies beyond our perception.


The Energy Spectrum

Central to Creative Law is the Energy Spectrum. Energy is a constant and a matter of cycle or wave, frequency, and therefore energy vibration - which is the basis of all physical existence. This gives us the polarity of the Creative Cycle, which is the cycle of energy from our individual human conscious perspective. Existence always comes with non-existence, simply because consciousness and space are one and the same thing. The two polar opposites in any creative cycle are trauma and drama. This gives us the following principle when it comes to energy wavelength and frequency.

The shorter the wavelength of energy, the higher the frequency of energy, the more traumatic energy is, and the closer the relationship is between energy and space.
The longer the wavelength of energy, the lower the frequency of energy, the more dramatic energy is, and the closer the relationship is between energy and consciousness.

On the basis of this principle we have reincarnation, trauma and karma. Trauma is force, drama is an absence of force. Trauma is therefore shock, impact, separation, division, disorder, destruction and death. Drama is connection, insight, harmony, balance, and flow. Trauma is chaos and disorder, and karma is the process of creativity and interaction which takes one towards equilibrium, balance, harmony, cohesion and flow.

You see energy in many ways is just like water. If you drop a stone into a body of water, such as a lake or a pond, you will get a practical demonstration of how Creative Law works in reality.


The Time-Energy Dependency

The Time Energy Dependency is the principle of time perception from a human perspective. The Time-Energy Dependency is simply the inversion or reversal of the Energy Spectrum when it comes to human experience of life and human activity or karma. Therefore:

The more traumatic the experience or activity from a given perspective, time will appear to pass slower and seem longer in a given time frame.
The more dramatic the experience or activity from a given perspective, time will appear to pass quicker and seem shorter in a given time frame.

This is because we humans are conditioned to measure our experiences and actions against space through time using our conscious perception. This is how we have gained the reputation as a time binding animal or species.

Triangular Relationship

But is time real?

Yes it is. But here we need to consider which version of reality time belongs to. You see there's actual reality, the reality of the universe, the reality of this planet, the reality of nature, and then there's conceptual reality and cultural reality, and this is the reality created by other human beings and that what we all are able to create. What we understand to be reality is made up of both these two main versions of reality, which together makes up our individual reality. The universal principle here is the Triangular Relationship, which is the second universal principle after Creative Law.

Time does not exist in actual reality. Your cat has no concept of dinner time. It's hungry and needs to be fed, right there, right now. If you tell your cat to wait or that it's not time the cat will probably look at you like you're some kind of idiot. Similarly when a dog wants to go out for a walk it never goes to find a clock to check what the time is. A dog has no concept of a 20 minute walk. Animals deal with life entirely in the present moment.

Rhythms are real, cycles are real - take for example the four seasons, the female menstrual cycle, the Earth's rotation on it's axis. But time is very much (human) conceptual reality.

However humans have much more powerful memories and powers of conceptualization and memory, so we can through our perception of time be mindful of history and learn from the past and we can also plan for the future. Among mystics and spiritual leaders and gurus the Ego has a bad reputation, for the simple fact that it can trap us into various false illusions and concepts. But it's also importance to remember that through Ego we learned how to live together in cities, we learned social care, social security, healthcare, education, not to mention sciences, over our ability to look at the past and conceptualize something in the future. Then you have art, music, culture, human creativity. Then you have the whole concept of law and justice. While the Ego does have a dark and sordid reputation, an entire history of human conflict, cruelty, suffering and bigotry, there are mitigating factors.


Tired of lying in the sunshine
Staying home to watch the rain
And you are young and life is longer
And there is time to fill the day

And then one day you find
Ten years have got behind you
No one told you when to run
You missed the starting gun...

Pink Floyd, 'Time'

The sheer necessity of a balanced perspective

You see the image above the song quote of an elderly man dying in a hospice. One day that's going to be you. Fingers crossed by the time you reach that stage at the end of your life you will have resolved whatever specific factors and karma you needed to resolve in your life, gone through the experiences you needed to, with the people you needed to have in your life, and you will be ready to let go, and move on to another incarnation, dying peacefully, naturally and contentedly.

However the only group of people who generally have a balanced perspective are prisoners on Death Row in the US. Most people out in society do not die either peacefully or naturally but generally die prematurely completely bewildered by what's happening to them. The most common mistake people make in life is that they take their Egos far too seriously, give up on learning about life and existence once they've 'settled down' and become a Somebody, jumping through all the hoops to become a Good Model Citizen deserving of Widespread Social Respectability.

They get caught up in confusion between what is really real (actual reality) and what is only conceptually real (conceptual reality) and while they think they know what's important and what's not important, they just simply don't have a clue. In taking their Egos and social position and conceptual reality far too seriously they buy into many different false illusions - separateness, continuity, permanence, cause and effect, self-improvement, the law of attraction, and moral reasoning. As a result they have a well developed Ego and worldview based on ideology, but their individual conscious perspective has become distorted and has slipped into their subconscious, so many aren't even consciously aware they have one.

And you run and you run to catch up with the Sun
But it's sinking, racing around to come up behind you again
The Sun is the same in a relative way but you're older
Shorter of breath, and one day closer to death

Every year is getting shorter, never seem to find the time
Plans that be that come to nought, or half a page of scribbled lines
Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way
The time is gone, the song is over, thought I'd something more to say...

Pink Floyd, 'Time'

Meta-physic, relationship, discipline

These are the three most important aspects of your life.

Developing a meta-physic is incredibly important. You see you're born into a life with a specific truth or principle to find and this is always a principle that's strictly between you, this planet and the universe - the mystical transaction. What I'm referring to is a truth that isn't formed of words. It's a specific experience which you have to go through and you become aware of this need to go through that experience somewhere in the middle of your childhood, somewhere between the ages of five and nine. This is a key experience which you need to go through at some point before you die.

This is what is known as enlightenment, but another word for it can be inspiration simply because this is just one experience in your life, which you need to go through, and once you do you will understand who you are, what your life is all about, and what you are meant to be doing in life. Nobody else can teach you this fundamental truth, it does not come from any belief system or ideology. The fundamental truth is one which can only be created by you, nobody else can access this truth, and you will not know anything about the experience where you will find this truth until it has already happened.

You can only find both the experience and this fundamental truth through relationship and discipline. If you fail to find this truth it's not only lost to you, it's lost to everyone.

Where you won't find it is through any belief or ideology. Therefore what you believe has no significance whatsoever in the Grand Scheme of Things in your life. Belief is not truth for the simple fact that belief needs your participation to exist whereas truth does not. Truth exists all by itself and no matter which perspective you're coming from truth will always give you the exact same conclusion. Nobody else can access this truth or understand it. Furthermore until you find this truth your experiences in life will continue to repeat themselves over and over and over again but in different ways. This means you will go through the same trauma over and over and over again. The whole point of trauma is to change you in some way. This means that trauma is something which always leads you to this fundamental truth.

You can find this truth through relationship with someone else, because all relationships create a kind of shared conscious awareness which is different from your individual conscious awareness. This shared conscious awareness can lead you to the experiences you need to go through, if the relationship is based on the spectrum of love - which is anything from kindness, humanity, empathy through romantic love right through to service and devotion. This is where discipline comes into this, because discipline is appreciation (not punishment as some will have you believe), appreciation is also found on the love spectrum. Authority however is not on the love spectrum but is always based on ideology. Therefore truth and authority are two completely different things.

Why is this so important? Well pretty much by the time you reach the mid-point in your life - say your 40's or 50's - you knowing this fundamental truth is going to be extremely important. Other people are going to be judging you on your individual truth and wisdom, and what you believe, what you know, and what job you do is not going to be that important. If you don't have this fundamental truth you're going to find it very hard to remain relevant and will easily fall into social invisibility. Understand that politics today is about seeking unity through belief, ideology and morality, which is precisely all the things which don't really matter in life. For this reason politicians lack the ability to remain socially relevant in the same way as well known actors, musicians and artists. When you die nobody is going to give a shit about your political beliefs. What they're going to remember you by is just one thing - the fundamental truth you discovered in life and shared with them through what you brought to the shared awareness in relationship. Do you see now why this is so important?

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