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The rain did not fall specifically on that street. The people were too busy to notice their reflection. The water of the puddle had no memory to remember the reflection. Yet a connection was made between all.

This is the foundation principle of unmind.

Mindfulness is equilibrium. Equilibrium is balance, flow, harmony and cohesion. When the sea is calm do the waves disappear completely? When you are completely relaxed do you stop breathing? Mindfulness is a state of being, it is being in a natural state, you being you, you being connected to your environment, you being yourself among other people in a community, with friends, with your family. Mindfulness is what you are in your most natural state.

Unmind is the principle of living naturally, simply, and spontaneously through subversion and minimal effort. Living in a way which you don't have to think about. Hence the name for the principle - unmind.

Non attachment and akashic power

So now we come to the principle of Unmind, which is based entirely on non-attachment and akashic power.

You access akashic power by giving up control to your environment - both natural and social - and making a commitment to be connected to both your social and natural environment. This is based on complete trust and confidence in your environment and other people in the community and simply saying "Okay, now show me what you can do."

There's a mystical principle involved here on which Unmind is based. The universe and Nature is based almost entirely upon delegation of authority and giving up control to environment and other. This is what akashic power is based on. For example you do not need to exert any control over either your breathing or the beating of your heart. You breathe naturally and your heart beats naturally without you even needing to consciously think about it.

Sure you might make a mistake or someone you trust might let you down. But surely you've already experienced making a mistake or someone letting you down anyway, so we're not breaking any new ground in terms of life experience. Akashic power is based on akasha and is backed up by 38 billion years of biological evolution.

So let's move on to the Figure of Eight and how to access akashic power.