magic candles

If you're struggling with a traumatic mindset or past karma then instead of getting involved in something such as meditation or yoga to centre yourself and bring you back to a state of mindfulness you can actually use a bit of magic. Imagine you were to cross a wide river in a boat, would you prefer to row the boar across the river, or would you prefer to just sail across?

So how does this work?


(Please click the above audio to hear a sound clip)

The mystical principle behind the rituals

The universal principle behind these magic rituals is none other than Creative Law. If you clicked on the audio above you will have heard the sound of a gong being struck. If you listen carefully you will hear the impact of the hammer hitting the gong (trauma) and the gong responding to the impact by producing noise (the ringing). If you listen to it closely you should be able to perceive the sound as waves of alternating sound and silence (cycles) as the ringing fades back into silence. This is karma. Karma is physical activity - in this case the ringing or vibration of the gong in response to being struck by the hammer (drama) which transforms the energy into space, in this case silence.

The exact same principle applies to anything which is living. For example if a dog hears a noise it will immediately react by becoming alert, pricking up its ears and barking. This is a dramatic response to change or trauma, in this case anxiety. Another example is if you're barefoot and you stub your toe on a hard wooden leg of some furniture. You feel pain (trauma) and you become immediately dramatic by swearing and dancing round in circles or moving to ease the pain.

In all these cases you're getting consciousness or space creating a vibration through energy which is felt or perceived by an audience. Consider that the sound you're hearing is being created by the vibration of your ear drum picking up on the energy vibrations arising out of consciousness in the diaphragm of the speaker you're using. The sound is not coming from the gong. This means that you are creating the universe and your environment through nothing more than your sensory perception.

This is where we get into magic. Magic is simply using language and ritual to connect to your environment and align with your natural energies and akashic power. Ritual magic is based on reincarnation, which is about creating new energy and physical form out of consciousness. You probably don't see sleep as anything magical but think about this. Do you not sleep ritualistically? You go to sleep when you're tired and low on energy, right? But do you not wake up with fresh energy?

Using magic to resolve trauma and achieve mindfulness

Unmind is a way of using low level magic and subversion to cycle through individual trauma and return to a state of mindfulness. This is achieved through two different magic rituals:

The Water Sign Ritual
The Water Sign Ritual which you do on your own using the four steps of RAIN methodology to identify past trauma and karma from memory and transform it into a narrative or as a means of sharing insight, non-attaching to the experience or memory, and having something to share in community.
The Fire Sign Ritual
The Fire Sign Ritual is what you do in community through Primary Social Interaction as a way of either expressing individual truth outwards into an environment (subversion) or gathering insight or energy from the community to develop another Water sign ritual.

How to develop the rituals

Both rituals follow the same four steps as you find in the Creative Cycle of the Creative Law meme, which means that for each ritual you need all four components of the ritual:
  • intention
  • method
  • content (spell)
  • delivery

Please note that in the case of the Water sign ritual delivery can also be seen as an outcome or conclusion.