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Volunteering with Qultura

We are seeking volunteers

Qultura is currently seeking volunteers to help develop Qultura and through Qultura, help develop local communities. Opportunities exist both online and offline at Qultura Core in Battersea, South London.

What is Qultura Core?

Qultura works to empower people through cultural development at a local community level, acting as a community resource. We do this through three types of activities - creative and social activities, developing community support networks, and also community support outreach activities. However the culture of every local community is different and no two local communities have the same culture. Qultura Core is an example or model for other communities and as Qultura develops as an organization, we are looking for Qultura to develop in individual ways which are relevant to the local community rather than an organization with a common identity.

Creative and social activities

We are looking for volunteers who can help develop creative and social activities in community space involving people in the local community. The idea is to get people to meet up in real time for face to face social interaction and creative activities such as art, drama, photography, recipe exchanges, book clubs, film nights, walks, and the sharing of interests. You should have sufficient experience, knowledge and skill in whatever interests you, and be able to increase knowledge and awareness in that area of interest in others.

Community support

Many people are experiencing the effects of austerity and the shredding of the social safety net. Many other organizations and charities are having their funding cut and are having to reduce their local services. What we are seeking to do is to rebuild community support networks and also act as a first point of contact for people who need support and advice from others. Our role here is to connect people who need support with others who can give that support. If you have experience of supporting people on issues such as benefits, housing, debt, immigration, or similar issues you can help us to develop community support networks. Opportunities exist for people both online and offline (local to Battersea).

Community support outreach

Not everybody can make it to community space and there are people who need support but they have become isolated from their community, feel anxious, depressed, lacking in confidence, or are simply destuitute. One such example are the street homeless who are sleeping and living on the street. We are keen to develop a community support outreach service to befriend people and, as with community support, connect people who need the support to those who can provide it.

Online or offline?

Currently we are rebuilding after being wiped out through losing community space through property developments and we are pretty much starting from scratch. Offline we are concentrating for the foreseeable future on Qultura Core in Battersea, South London so if you are seeking to volunteer offline, in real time, then you need to be able to travel easily to Battersea in South London. Otherwise we are seeking online virtual volunteers who can live anywhere on the planet.

How to apply

Simply fill out the form below and we will contact you, initially by email and then meet up (if you're in London) or arrange a virtual chat if you live further afield via Whatsapp or Skype. Please note we don't do video calling and you can choose to either talk via multimedia equipment or chat, using a keyboard.

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