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Interested in community volunteering and activism?

We're always interested in proposals from members of the Qultura community and ideas on how to develop further the Qultura community. You might have gone through this website and be thinking about potential and possibilities or feel that you would like to maybe do something or get involved in some sort of community. Well, you're in the right place.

There are numerous benefits to volunteering and activism through Qultura which might not be at first glance obvious or apparent:

The simplest, easiest and most direct path to mindfulness
Hands down any form of community volunteering or activism is the simplest, easiest and most direct path to mindfulness in existence. You're proactively pursuing a discipline based on your interests, skills, aptitudes and experience and getting involved in your community in some way which is directly beneficial and meaningful to you.

Become part of the Qultura Core universal volunteering system
Qultura Core is not an organization, it's still the Qultura community. It's still your community. Therefore there's no roles to apply for or anything like that. Volunteering should never ever ever be anything like having a job. Volunteering and activism should always be based on something you enjoy doing for others, something which other people appreciate you doing for them, but also - just as importantly - something you really enjoy doing simply because it makes you happy doing something or it's something you care deeply and are passionate about. Therefore any role should be based on an idea or a proposal and it should be a role you create for yourself and propose.

Explore new interests, develop new skills, new insights
All volunteering and activism is based almost entirely on naked self-interest and selfish desires. Let's not kid ourselves that it's otherwise and deceive ourselves that it's any different. Most people out there 'doing their bit' are generally doing so for an entry on their CV or resume to get a better paid job, to get out and meet people, make friends, to develop a side hustle, make money, or even to meet someone and fall in love. Please keep in mind that for a large part of our history we were developing independent film projects with professional actors who needed showreel materials to get paid work in theatre and television. But see here's the thing, you cannot do any community volunteering or activism without being in a relationship with other people and a community. Therefore this is something else you need to think about.

Volunteer when you want, as often as little as you want, how you want
Just because you decide to become a Qultura volunteer or activist doesn't guarantee that it's going to work out. The Qultura community is all about spontaneity, making it up as we go along, trying different things out to see what works and what doesn't, sitting round chatting, drinking cups of tea and coffee, having fun, being creative, and within this getting out 'shit' together and stuff working out. Making mistakes and embracing failure is part of the process. You can volunteer as and when you have the time and feel like it, as often or as little as you like. Volunteer online or offline, create different roles, try out different things. All we expect is a willingness to try and the ability to follow through and stick to whatever arrangements you make with others.

How it works

We prefer to keep things simple and stick to principles which apply to every situation. This makes things simple and easy to remember.

The principles

Within Qultura Core a volunteer helps to develop the Qultura community through developing ideas for social events, meetings, talks, discussions, and content of meeting and online spaces - examples include message board moderation, administration, developing social activities, community support projects, creative activities and workshops, leading discussions and talks, presentations, and so on.

Within Qultura Core an activist is anyone who networks, finds wways of raising awareness, bringing new people into the community, and so on. Please note that there's no promotion or advertising. We go by stealth, subversion, and infiltration. Tell people about the community, leave it to them what they want to do with the information.

You need to be a registered member of the Qultura community (community message board) do to any kind of volunteering or activism.

We discuss stuff on the Community Message Board.

We network and interact via the Qultura Core Whatsapp group.

Submit a proposal
What do you want to do? How do you want to do it? This starts some email correspondence.