Volunteering with Qultura

Fundamentally volunteering with Qultura means means that you expand on your role as a member and participant of the Qultura community to become part of the Qultura organization. This is so as to develop one or more projects to help develop the Qultura community through your local community.

Whereas almost all volunteering roles offered by organizations are close to voluntary or unpaid employment, where you have a fixed role, job description, set hours, policies and rules to follow, and if you're not involved in a cause are working for a cause or organization who simply cannot afford to employ you. Volunteering with Qultura is usually radically different, much closer to non paid self-employment or rather self-volunteering. Your role isn't fixed or determined by anything other than your abilities, individual life experience, interests, creative abilities, interests, things which you are passionate about, and the naked desire to try something out just to see if it works or not.

Volunteering with Qultura is about discipline

We define discipline to be a process which you commit to in a way where you constantly seek out pleasure, happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment both for yourself and other people through developing an activity, an interest, a skill, a skillset or pursue a cause or mission relentlessly.

In this way discipline, and developing creativity, is really not much different from having sex. You seek to get pleasure and happiness for yourself from seeking out opportunities and pleasure for others (but without actually having sex with them, we wish to point out.)

The importance of more than one discipline

It's vitally important to develop more than one discipline in life, two is better, three is optimal, and four is probably too much. The idea is to become good or at least very competent in all three disciplines.

For example let's say you decide to become a photographer. So you invest in a big DSLR camera, looks big and fancy and professional, but takes practice and skill to develop the ability to use it. This is what developing a discipline is all about. Only there's thousands of photographers out there who are all claiming to be photographers and who all have big DSLR cameras. Such photographers are as common as dead leaves under a tree in autumn.

But what if you are say, a clinical psychologist as a photographer, or a psychic photographer, or say a chef and an artist, a guitarist and a builder, a teacher and a singer, this is where you start to stand out from the crowd and become much more unique and interesting. This is where you also become much more appreciated and closer to finding a niche.

How to become a Qultura volunteer

The Qultura organization and Qultura Core project is a very small organization which functions on the basis of equality with the Qultura community. The culture of our community is radically different from wider society and the wider local community. Individualism is dead. You are no longer a puppet, an automaton, a zombie, a mind slave, you can think for yourself and take the initiative. Therefore a volunteering role is created by the individual member of the Qultura community through a proposal or making an offer to the Qultura Core project.

This is no different from signing up to the Qultura community. You simply complete a volunteer proposal and sign up to another mailing list for volunteers. When we need volunteers to develop projects we email everyone who has offered to be and you respond, get in touch, figure out what it is you want to do and get involved.

Take the initiative to become a Qultura volunteer

You can take this process one step further and undertake to develop a project in community space working with other volunteers, activists and participants. You can also offer to administer appeals for reverse participants who are struggling to get past trauma.

There's so many things you can do if you take the initiative and make us an offer or proposal. You just have to be the change, take the initiative, be more proactive, and quit sitting back and expecting us - and everyone else - to hand you everything on a plate. It's not working out this way and we simply don't have the energy, the time or the resources to run around after you, tell you what to do, and treat you like some pre-schooler in kindergarten.

To become a Qultura volunteer you need to be able to see things from a similar perspective to us and want change as much as we do, aspiring as much as you can to our standards and our level of commitment.