Water and energy

Water has a special relationship with energy


Mirroring has a special significance for anything which is living because energy is always active in water and all physical matter contains water. Therefore the frequency level of energy in everything physical - whether i is abstract or concrete always rises if the energy is not used or becomes latent.

Water has a special relationship with energy because water behaves in the exact same way as life itself. It is not possible to create water, compress water or expand it except through a reduction of energy frequencies in atmospheric energy. This is achieved through freezing and the season of winter which draws in dark energy from outer space into the Earth's atmosphere. The polar ice caps are reserves of water which functions as a reserve, just like in life, which means that the melting of the ice caps is reliable evidence showing that the planet is weakening and getting weaker and the principle effect of climate change and global warming is the reduction of winter and wintry type weather.

This also means that physical life can also be expanded through creativity and interaction and through going through the process of enlightenment to achieve inspiration - where dark energy is drawn into the body through the left hemisphere of the brain and you can feel what is often described as an 'energy rush'. This energy rush is dark energy coming into your consciousness and it is caused by enlightenment and achieving inspiration.

Mirroring and life

Creativity and interaction through a process of enlightenment to achieve inspiration has physical effects which rejuvenate the physical functioning of the body, increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the heart and promotes fitness and good health. There are also emotional and psychological effects - as mirroring and enlightenment accelerate recovery from depression, mental illness, anxiety and also help to reduce cravings when it comes to addictions.


Consciousness is something which is developed all around you in the atmosphere and is part of your energetic signature. All information is energy and this is constantly projected out into the atmosphere all around you by both brain hemispheres. Your left brain hemisphere also controls your physical reactions so your body language, posture, facial expressions and the way you move is influenced heavily by your thinking and what emotions and feelings you are experiencing at a given moment. Your energetic signature fills whatever space you occupy and is also known as presence and residual energy. This energy is what is picked up in the atmosphere by others and also collectively influences the seasons and weather. SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder is an example of a disorder which influences the relationship with your energetic signature.