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You develop a Water sign ritual to develop consciousness and create truth on your own to form the basis of a Fire sign ritual which you can do both within the Qultura community or with other people in your life or social environment. This ritual is designed to work against trauma, suffering and struggles.

The Water sign ritual is based on the mystical principles of the three Water signs of the zodiac (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces), which gives you the following ritual:

Intention (Cancer) - 4, the mystical principle of foundation and cardinal direction
The mystical principle is symbolized by the fourth sign of the zodiac Cancer, associated with the Moon and also in the Tarot by the Emperor. Please keep in mind that you're digging up past memories of experiences wheer you were traumatized, hurt, suffering, and stuff you feel bad about.

Method (Scorpio) - 8, the mystical principle of meta-physical power
The mystical principle of Eight is symbolized by the 8th sign of the zodiac Scorpio and it associated planet Pluto, as well as in the Tarot by the card Strength. You have complete control over your past because it's just in your head, your memories. This is where you use the RAIN method to let go of your trauma from the past, and also, in so doing your fears and anxieties about the future. The only thing that matters in your life is the here and now and the truth you can share with others in the present moment. What you're seeking here is a narrative, something to share with others.

Content (Pisces) - 12, the mystical principle of karma
The mystical principle of Twelve is symbolized by the twelth sign of the zodiac Pisces which is a mutable Water sign, associated with Neptune, and in the Tarot by The Hanged Man. You're never going to resolve any karma or recover or heal from past trauma unless you accept yourself completely and let go of all attachments to beliefs, fears and desires and completely trust yourself and believe in yourself totally.

Intention (Cancer) - 4, the mystical principle of foundation and cardinal direction
Which brings us right back to the beginning of the cycle where the end is also the beginning. There is no need to judge yourself, blame yourself, or hold yourself up to any arbitrary or illusory societal standards. You are who you are, your life is what it is, but it is your past, your story and your individual truth together what makes you the unique and fascinating individual human being who you are today. What you are seeking here is truth, new consciousness, new insight, new perspective.

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