The website - the central community resource

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This website is created and maintained to be a central community resource for everyone in the Qultura community. In actual fact there are two websites - the Qultura website which is for members of the Qultura community and also the Qultura Core website which is the business end of the Qultura community which acts as the more public resource for Qultura Core volunteers and activists, for those who need community support and also organizations and others who either support or are supported by the Qultura Core community.

This is a brief summary of what you'll find on this website.

This is a typical 'About us' section which you find on any website which introduces newbies and people not familiar with Qultura to who we are, what we do and how we do stuff.
Message Board
This is the direct link to our community Message Board which of course is the first place you head for to become part of the Qultura community.
This is a traditional contact form and details where you can find us on other social media platforms. Where we have community space which is open and accessible this is where you will find opening times and accessibility.
This is where you find all the central resources and a central reference point including Core Reference (mystical resources relating to Qultura methodology), a glossary and a How do I..? section.
Blog+ is for sharing creative output with the world through our website - Core Blog, Community Blog and Qultura Fringe..
This is for when you can't find people you need in a community project. You can create a listing and we will publish your listing on our website. You can then use the link to your post on other websites such as social media.

How everything fits together

This section is a guide for anyone who's new to Qultura. Click on any link to find out how everything fits together.

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The Formbutton - that maroon speech icon at the bottom of the screen - is where you can ask us a question or get more information. It's present on every webpage and saves you having to go to our Contact page which is for sending us more complex messages.

Qultura methodology

You get a solid foundation in Qultura methodology by reading the book 'The Principle and the Process'. Download for free by clicking on the links below.