• Promoting human individuality and creativity

What we do


Qultura is about empowerment of the individual

You were born an original work of art, so there's no sense in living your life as if you've come off a production line. We're living at a time when we have so much technology and a society which is dominated by a kind of hierarchy, or even various hierarchies. There's a certain instrumentality about such a hierarchy which many people find alienating or even isolating. Qultura is a local community resource which works to create opportunities for you to be able to reclaim your individual human experience and make connections to other people in your local community.

Understanding how Qultura works

We work on the basis of creating opportunities for individuals to come together in a local community to either develop projects or take part in them. The projects can be cultural, or based on cummunity support, and you can either take part in an existing project or create your own project involving other people in your local community. You can become involved in one project, or more than one project. How you become involved in each project can be different, because each project might require a different level of participation. Therefore your level of participation in each project might be different, and this is okay because we are flexcible when it comes to both participation and projects.

About Qultura projects

There are three different types of Qultura project which are based on either cultural activities or community support. Cultural activities can involve creative activities such as a drama workshop, making a film, or a cultural interest such as photography, art, music, and these are designed so that you can share your interests and passions with others in your local community. Then you have community support type projects which are designed to share experiences, give advice or practical help. Community support activities take place in community space, and community support (outreach) take place outside community space. All our projects are designed to help you connect to others in your community, have new experiences and share your experience with others in your local community.

Understanding the different levels of involvement

Involvement in projects takes place in different levels of participation. You have participation where you simply turn up and participate in a project, as in, walking into a project off the street. However if you need something, as can happen in community support projects, you can become a reverse participant, reverse participation simply means that you need support from others towards a particular objective or outcome. You can volunteer with Qultura and become part of the organization and help towards the development of all projects and you can also become a supporter and support projects in various ways.

What benefits you can often benefit others as well

Things which can be of benefit to you can often be of benefit to others in your local community as well. In working to empower you through creating opportunities to participate in various projects, create your own projects and connect to others in your local community we work to create local communities which are stronger, more inclusive, and where various people can come together to develop projects, get things done, and bring about positive, beneficiial change both for themselves and others.

Avoiding personal capitalism

All Qultura projects are fully participant centred and being an organization centred around community, cultural development and humanitarianism we discourage projects which are capitalist in nature, i.e. where there is a division of benefits so that one or more person benefits from the experience at the expense of others. This creates an environment based on following and deprives others of their individual experience, potential and opportunities.

What is possible?

As long as there is some benefit, both to yourself and others, virtually anything is possible. As an organization Qultura is fully inclusive, we don't judge and we also work to provide a platform to people who have gone through traumatic experiences and who are experiencing social issues. We recognize the value of personal and individual experience, we understand that people have unique and individual perspectives on life. We work to make it possible for you to be able to share your experience and perspective with others for your benefit and the benefit of others as well.