• Promoting human individuality and creativity

What we do


Understanding the need for Qultura

It's important to understand that technology is only going to go forwards, not backwards, and at no point will it ever become compatible with a society which is based on authority and a hierarchy. Therefore we need to restructure society around a community based structure which allows for the participation of everyone in that community. People need to understand that no authority based proposal or plan is going to work, and social change actually requires the inclusion and participation of everyone in that community. The more participation there is in a community, the more structured and ordered that community is going to become and as more communities develop in this way, the more ordered and structrued society will become.

The importance of recovering individual human experience

It's becoming clear to more and more people that to continue to maintain a social hierarchy while developing technology is only going to result in further social breakdown and stigma, alienation and exclusion for many people. Money, something which we all agree is important to have access to in order to live, is becoming even more scarce for many people, removing personal freedom and the ability to live and have access to that which is necessary to sustain a meaningful life. Work is becoming harder to find, increasingly more monotonous, with the loss of so many things - economic security, opportunities to participate in society, a social life, a sense of belonging, personal validation, a sense of purpose and fulfilment and meaning - this is becoming a reality for so many people. In this environment work is also becoming more unhealthy - more and more people are having to cope with stress, pressure, depression, anxiety, boredom, which results in worsening health and an increasing reliance on substances such as alcohol and drugs for some, simply as coping mechanisms.

Welcome to the chaos of Qultura

Qultura promotes human individuality and creativity, so the lack of structure, chaos, and wordiness of our organization and website is intentional. We're not here to tell you what to do, what to think, how to behave, or make decisions for you - you have to figure it out for yourself, find your own way, come up with your own ideas, and make use of us as your resource. This is just an opportunity. be yourself. Stand on your own two feet. Reach out. Suggest something. Have ideas. Create something. But above all think for yourself. You are not a puppet or a robot. You are not part of the living dead. You are an individual human being with value, you are somebody. This is your life. Your life is now. Don't let it slip away.

Please understand that Qultura's focus is on you, the individual

The images used on this website are stock images for a reason. We don't brag about ourselves, we're not here to record what we do and post about it online, there's no virtue signalling, our focus really is individual human experience. There's no hierarchy or power dynamics at Qultura. We have been functioning in various ways since 2009, working with people at all levels of society, supporting people, inspiring them, enlightening them and reminding them that they have value and their life has real meaning. With us you can be creative, with us you can get support, with us you can meet people, make new friends, with us if you need to you can change your life, turn your life around and make something of it. What is it you seek? What do you want to do? Life is, after all, really all about choices, decisions, actions, experiences and memories.

What really matters

There are things which really matter and things which don't. We don't judge, we accept. We're not interested in how you live, your circumstances, how you look, how much money you have, or what you've gone through in life. It's all experience. What matters is you, being yourself, living your life the way you want to, need to, for your own sanity, happiness, personal fulfillment and sense of value and achievement.

What is possible?

We are a small organization based in Battersea, South London. Currently we meet in a small community centre. You can come to Battersea and meet us in real time or make use of us online. As long as you respect others and yourself with regard to ideas and their creativity, you can take from this whatever you want. We're here for you, to try and work together to create a sense of valuem, meaning and purpose for individuals, groups of people and communities. This is what Qultura is all about.