Whatsapp groups

Access the Qultura community from the palm of your hand.


We maintain two social media groups on Whatsapp - 'Qultura' and 'Qultura Core'. The Qultura Core group started from when we were running drama workshops for professional actors and is now a group for Qultura community volunteers and activists who want to meet up to do stuff. However we've got a vanilla Qultura group on Whatsapp for everyone essentially as a networking social media platform.

Facebook v. Whatsapp

Facebook and Whatsapp are owned by the same corporation, Meta. Therefore you would think it possible to access the Qultura Whatsapp group directly from our Facebook page. But no. That's not how it works. Please don't ask us why. We can't tell you. We still maintain our Facebook page but we've long since abandoned all hope of having any real control over what happens on that page once we post content. You're welcome to check out our Facebook page for yourself and even join our community there, but it's something we no longer recommend and your existence won't be diminished if you don't.

So back to the subject of Whatsapp. If you're Whatsapp-savvy you can do a search for 'Qultura' and join the group that way. If you're not we can do this the Old School way, and simply message us with your number and we will invite or link you into the group. Once you're in you can fit it in with whatever you're doing on the Community Message Board and your dreamweaving activities at workshops.