Winter of action

It would appear that we face a long, cold winter and we feel that now is a good time to start developing our community support projects so nobody is left in the cold.


Last August we attended the 'Future Visioning' conference organized by Wandsworth Council's Arts and Culture Team and in spite of the COVID-19 restrictions we are still very much active and working to recruit new people into the Qultura community. However in response to the conference we have determined that it's best for us to play a supportive role particularly when it comes to concerns about climate change. As we stated at the conference our main focus is on the development of empathy and local communities and this is what lies behind this Winter of Action.

Climate change = environmental change

This is essentially a heads up to the fact that we seem to perceive climate change in a way which is radically different to everyone else. Climate change as a phrase doesn't really mean anything to us. The climate is constantly changing because the universe is in a state of constant change and this planet is a tiny, miniscule part of the solar system, which is in turn a tiny miniscule part of the universe. The universe, like Nature is ruled by chaos. We much prefer the term environmental ignorance because it's not the climate itself which is the problem, but Mankind's inability or unwillingness to conform to the finite requirements of the environment and much of this has to do with our emphasis on earning money, making money and exploiting the planet and its natural environment for corporate profit.

So let's change the topic to environmental ignorance

So now that we have changed the topic to a term which makes our environmental concerns to a term which is more accessible to common logical understanding we can point out our concerns when it comes to the environment. There are four such concerns.

The false illusion of separateness
One major concern is the false illusion of separateness between the individual and the environment, and this includes the illusion of separateness between self and other. This is a false perspective because we are part of the environment. We just happen to live on a planet which habitually - for millions of years - creates and develop complex ecosystems and biodiversity as the central characteristic of its environment. We are part of that environment, one of millions of other species or life forms on the planet. Due to our environmental ignorance we cannot even be considered as necessary to the planet. If earthworms become extinct then much of life on the planet will eventually starve and die. If animals die out then so too will the plants and three trillion trees. If human beings die out then the entire planet will flourish. Such is the magnitude of our environmental ignorance.
We assume that you understand that you need air to breathe, and you understand that air is part of the atmosphere and environment. We also assume that you understand that you need water in order to live, and water is also part of the environment. But more than both these examples we assume that you understand that you need consciousness in order to live, and consciousness makes up everything in existence. So the concept of Mankind being separate to the environment is to us just as stupid as the assumption that we live on a human-centric planet or in a human-centric universe.
The lack of empathy between people
A major part of environmental ignorance is the appalling levels of ignorance among people when it comes to human rights. A major part of the environment when it comes to human beings is other people because we exist as a species, yet very few if anybody identifies themselves or perceives themselves as being part of a species. Most people are far too focussed on their individual psychological drama, their beliefs, opinions, emotions and thinking to ever pay much attention to the reality of their existence or existential matters.
This is why there are constant ideological divisions in society, particularly centred around political and religious ideology and even ideologies on such things as skin colour (white supremacy), ethnicity and even gender supremacy. If you are aware of the existential nature of your existence and the reality of your living existence then you would know how you relate to the universe and the environment and you would not have any need or any time for ideology or ideological bullshit. You would understand that you need to be yourself, do your own thing and you would be exercising your human rights as a fully fledged human being living for the benefit of your own pleasure and enjoyment and that of other people. You would be living in harmony with your own environment and within your own community because you would be living on the basis of empathy and being connected to your environment.
The waste of human creativity and individual human experience
This is such a massive issue that we have yet to find a way of illustrating it. We are referring to the sheer, criminal waste of human potential which is caused by the sole focus of human consciousness and human energy on the sole objective of making money and earning money. This is something which has been going on for centuries, particularly in the West, and this single-minded (or rather one track minded) emphasis on money, corporate profit and making money, together with its mechanistic, reductionist ideology is what lies behind not only the constant ideological wars and battles waged between humans, the environmental destruction, the constant pointless social and political divisionism, but also the lack of investment in people, the deprivation of opportunity, lack of interest in developing culture, the denial of individual human experience, and the concerted effort many people make towards sucking the happiness and enjoyment out of life both for themselves and other people.
The excessive monetization of space
This is another aspect of environmental ignorance which is incredibly important but which it seems that nobody - repeat nobody - who claims to be in any way green has picked up on or seems to be that concerned about, and that is the excessive monetization of space. What we are referring to here is Akash, otherwise known as Quantum Field Theory. Space is not empty, repeated in bold for emphasis, space is not empty. Space is not only filled with consciousness, but is a major source of environmental consciousness. Anyone can try this out for themselves. Simply spend 5 minutes or so three times a day looking into the sky or space and paying attention to it, or just spend time in an empty room. Observe the effect it has on your life and your mind.
The excessive monetization of space and deprivation when it comes to a lack of community space is one of the most environmentally destructive practices when it comes to taking care of the environment. This is not just because of the social issues it causes such as debt, poverty and homelessness, but it also reduces the ability of people to develop consciousness, both individually and collectively.

What the winter of action is about

Our Winter of Action is about bringing people into the Qultura community who have the direct personal experience to be able to develop our community support work from a position of truth. This means that you need to have direct personal experience of a situation or set of circumstances which is somehow relevant to one or more of the three aspects of our Winter Action. There are three aspects to our community support:

Qultura Fallback
Qultura Fallback is the mainstream community support project of the Qultura community. It takes in the so called 'left behind', Universal Credit claimants, people with disabilities who are caught up in the Personal Independence Payments (PIP) system, people who are on legacy benefits, asylum seekers, people who have experienced discrimination, people who are rebuilding their lives, and anyone else who is struggling or in need of community support. This is a very important aspect of the Qultura community. We work together to 'catch' the people in the community who experiences circumstances where their life falls apart, where their lives get taken apart by organizations and government departments, and it is also what we turn to when we hit a difficult stage in life.
Cultural activism
This is the development of culture and the creation of different short term community projects (if you read 'How Qultura works' below it should become clear) through which we work together to create opportunities for people in the community to come together, develop empathy and also develop subversive art and culture. Subversion is all about the expression of individual truth through various forms of creativity, art, photography, music, drama, theatre, film making, creative writing, poetry, and churning out large amounts of such creative content. Within this there are opportunities to create smaller community support projects which involve such things as food sharing, furniture recycling, development of community libraries, community drop in centres, and so on and so forth.
Homeless action
According to official CHAIN statistics someone in London loses their home and is thrown onto the streets every two hours. God knows what it is for the rest of the country. We are working on a new empathy based project involving the street homeless in Central London working with Wandsworth Council, Westminster Council and The Passage Day Centre to find ways of developing empathy with people who are homeless and finding ways of connecting them to the community to make the experience of homeless less traumatic. This also involves developing community support with the homeless and giving them opportunities and a platform where they can share their experiences of homelessness.
It is believed that in the three short months of the winter of 2018 and 2019 some 770 died as a result of being out in the cold. We are trying to find ways of persuading councils and others to open up vacant space to create winter shelters for people who are experiencing homelessness and also finding ways in which we can eliminate or prevent homelessness from happening in the first place.

Everything starts on the Message Board

If you are interested then it's sufficient to join our community and register for an account on our Message Board which is where everything is worked out between individual members of the community. Please follow the links below to find out how the Qultura community works and what's possible.


How Qultura works

Qultura is a system for figuring out your Principle and Process - the existential core of your life - through the development of empathy and community. The core principle and philosophy is simple and easy to learn.

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The process of individuation

The development of empathy is fundamental to human evolution. But to be capable of developing empathy you need to take off your societal mask and be real and prepared to live your truth.

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Being part of the Qultura community

The Qultura community has been developed in a way which makes change possible for anyone in society by striking a balance between self and other and also between organization and community.

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