You figure


By Stella Baker.

Beware of language and culture

If you're not careful culture and language can trap you and drag you down, yet they are central to your life experience and if you make enough effort they can also be tools and platforms for a lot of freedom. However the key to being able to make use of language and culture to liberate yourself you have to figure out what it's really all about.

What it's all about is you.

You are the focal point of the entire human species. In terms of human evolution you are the here and now. You are what happens, how it happens, when it happens, or the missed opportunity if nothing happens at all. You are not marginalized in any way. However the message that you get from culture is that you are marginalized. That you are nobody special. That you are just another cog in the machine. That you are here to learn. You are here to work. You are here to fit in. You are here to know your place and do as you are told. These are the messages which come from culture, right?

This is the whole point of modern culture. You are constantly told that you are not special.

The role of the institution and organization

So as we are told that we are not special we always look towards institutions or organizations for inspiration. I will go to the university or college to study something. I will find a position with a company and develop a career. I will sign up to the military. I will go find an organization and someone will tell me what to do or give me a larger purpose in life.

But what you need to understand that when it comes to what you do in life, or what you really want to do, you are ultimately the final arbiter. If you make yourself the final arbiter and stick to being the final arbiter over what it is you really want to do in life, then you will be less vulnerable or susceptible to infection from the cultural illusions.

Outside in or inside out?

Some will have you believe that this is the great philosophical question in life. But this is not such a great philosophical question. This is only a question of whether or not you 'get it' when it comes to life and existence. Modern culture tells you that it is outside in, when the reality is all about inside out. You don't need any institutions or books to tell you that it is inside out. You can go off into nature, well away from the city, into the deep countryside and see for yourself how the pattern is always inside out. The tree grows out of the earth. Grass grows out of the hillside. The calf is always born out of its mother. Creativity is always inside out, from deep within the individual outwards.

Of course outside in is also important but not in the way modern culture teaches you. What modern culture teaches you is that you have to fit in, conform, live up to a certain stereotype and certain standards and to find your place in the system. But what modern culture is not teaching you, and it should, is that you should be exploring, experimenting, questioning, examining, taking risks, pushing boundaries, asking questions, meeting people, exploring life, making mistakes, and learning. You're not going to learn anything from The Guardian, Facebook, Fox News and the BBC.

The importance of having control of your mind

You learn about life through direct experience. Your experience. Your opinions. Your feelings. Your emotions. Your sexuality. Your interests. Your ideas. Your thoughts. These are the only real things in your universe. First and foremost you have to be true to yourself and loyal to your individuality. Never ever betray yourself to ideology, to money, to party, to employers, to friends - all these things are outside the core of your being and your reality. Centuries of mental and social programming have been laid on all of us to subdue us and take us away from the power of our own direct experience.

This is why certain substances and drugs are illegal and why you have to work to uphold an artificially contrived economy. It's not out of any concern for your health, nor your emotional or material wellbeing. It's because they don't want people like you taking back control of your mind and questioning the established order.

There is nobody so powerful as an empowered individual who is in tune with themselves, in control of their own mind and connected to a community. Such an individual with the right idea can stop tanks, entire armies, and bring down a totalitarian regime. The idea was not expressed on state television, or on the front pages of the newspapers, nor on the home pages of a website, but by one person taking a stand.

It was Gandhi who once stated "If you are right, then you are a majority of one."

You figure

Never lose sight of the fact that you figure. You matter. You are the cutting edge of not just culture but also the cutting edge of human evolution. Think about all those before you who took a stand just so as you could be born and grow up to be who you are right now.

You have to have a plan, you have to have a direction. If you don't have a plan or a direction, someone will make you part of their plan and you will be headed in their direction in life.