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The next dreamweaving session and workshop

Wednesday 16th November 2022 - 8-10pm

Age 16+. All welcome. Simply turn up, grab yourself a tea or coffee, head to our space and get involved. Our meetings are facilitated by Stella Baker, a mystic and shaman, the founder of Qultura, and we welcome existing community members and newbies.

Please feel free to bring a friend or a relative with you.

What is dreamweaving?

Dreamweaving is essentially the weaving together of different thoughts, feelings, emotions, dreams, visions, ideas, experiences and narratives to create new culture and new reality out of exploring possibilities. It is an ancient practice based on mysticism, mirroring and ritual magic and is effective at resolving human trauma, rooting and grounding oneself and developing both conscious awareness and mindfulness.

Dreamweaving can be powerfully effective as a means of resolving issues with human trauma and resolving the resulting karma. Trauma is shock, impact, force and manifests itself in our lives as death, bereavement, conflict, struggle, sickness, ageing, heartache, mental health issues, addiction, loneliness, and other similar experiences.

Much of human trauma and suffering arises out of confusion between what is real and what is imaginary, and confusion between memory and perception. These issues can be resolved through dreamweaving and developing connections between memory, environment, trauma and the mind and through various activities such as social interaction, discussion, drama, role play, developing creativity and also developing conscious awareness.

Qultura is an alternative dreamweaving community which is essentially an 'alternative community within a wider existing community'. We work to promote dreamweaving and offer the necessary resources for people wishing to learn about dreamweaving and also a friendly, supportive, non-judgmental community with regular meetings which anyone can join and participate in dreamweaving workshops and meetings completely free of charge.

Dreamweaving is flexible and once you understand and and are familiar with dreamweaving you can use it in a wide variety of different ways not just to resolve individual trauma, but also to explore and develop your creativity, figure out what you want to do in life, and dreamweaving can be used to develop closer connections to environment and community, development of local community culture and social design, and also open source planning and consensus building.

On this website you will find everything you need for dreamweaving including various resources, Qultura methodology, access to the Qultura community via our Community Message Board and details of dreamweaving meetings, sessions and workshops. All completely free of charge.

If you are curious and want to find out what dreamweaving is all about we recommend you go through the walkthrough and presentation of dreamweaving and Qultura in the 'About' section of this website which will give you a solid understanding of what dreamweaving and Qultura is all about. Simply click on 'About' in the top menu or use the button below.

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