Universal principles - the foundation of Qultura methodology.

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Here is where you find the four universal principles of Qultura methodology. All four universal principles have been derived out of Creative Law (above) and they are also closely connected to the other areas in this Core Reference section such as dependent arising, karma, combined numerology, the I-Ching, polar thinking, unmind and unthinking.

Just by way of an overview..

Creative Law
This is the foundation universal principle of Qultura methodology giving a definition of the three core principles of existence and the relationship of consciousness and space through energy.
The Triangular Relationship
This defines the different versions of reality we all experience as part of our life experience.
The Principle and the Process
This is a new way of looking at yourself, others and life which is based on individual conscious perspective (Principle) and your psycho-physical process of life (Process) which is alternative to Ego. Thyis is also the title of the free book which gives you a solid basis in Qultura methodology.
Primary social interaction
This is a schema which serves as a guide for developing empathy and connections and also is helpful when developing unmind and unthinking strategies.