magic candles

Unmind is the magical component of Qultura methodology. The previous three components have all been about the 'what' of existence. Unmind is different. Unmind is all about the 'how' of developing a Qultura method.

Qultura does not recommend meditation or yoga as a sole or solitary means of achieving mindfulness nor is Unmind intended to be a method you follow, so please do not make the mistake of interpreting it as such. Nobody can teach you mindfulness. You have to figure it out for yourself through practice and discipline. It does not matter how good the technique or method is, or whether the method is based on Hinduism, Buddhism, or Taoism, it is still a concept.

Any concept is a physical thought. It is just words, language. All physicality is transient and impermanent. To believe that you can access a state of mindfulness through any concept or belief system is foolish and delusional. Even more so if you believe that you can somehow attain mindfulness or any kind of enlightenment through believing or following someone else's method or belief system.

Unmind is so called because your mind cannot be used to achieve mindfulness. Your mind is space, it is perception of your environment, and to achieve mindfulness you need to get beyond all concepts and beliefs and make a conscious connection to your environment. This is why the Qultura community exists as an environment to which you can connect and develop a Qultura method.

Unmind is therefore the practical component through which you can develop your own unique Qultura methods.