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Unmind is the magical component of Qultura methodology. The previous three components have all been about the 'what' of existence. Unmind is different. Unmind is all about the 'how' of developing a Qultura method through dreamweaving.

Qultura methodology through Unmind is intended to be a magical methodology. It should not be used lightly or frivolously. It's important to understand that Qultura methodology is purely conceptual and using such methods based on Qultura methodology may disturb energies which can bring consequences out of actual reality. Therefore it's always important to be mindful of the energy you project outwards into an environment and subject new thoughts and emotions to verification. Energy projected outwardss may come back lesser, it may come back tenfold. pay heed to the principles you're using and be subversive.

Any concept is a physical thought. It is just words, language. All physicality is transient and impermanent. To believe that you can access a state of mindfulness through any concept or belief system is foolish and delusional. Even more so if you believe that you can somehow attain mindfulness or any kind of enlightenment through believing or following someone else's method or belief system.

Unmind is so called because your mind cannot be used to achieve mindfulness. Your mind is space, it is perception of your environment, and to achieve mindfulness you need to get beyond all concepts and beliefs and make a conscious connection to your environment. This is why the Qultura community exists as an environment to which you can connect and develop a Qultura method.

Unmind is therefore the practical component through which you can develop your own unique Qultura methods through dreamweaving activity.


The foundation principle of Unmind

The rain did not fall specifically on that street. The people were too busy to notice their reflection. The water of the puddle had no memory to remember the reflection. Yet a connection was made between all.

This is the foundation principle of unmind.

Mindfulness is equilibrium. Equilibrium is balance, flow, harmony and cohesion. When the sea is calm do the waves disappear completely? When you are completely relaxed do you stop breathing? Mindfulness is a state of being, it is being in a natural state, you being you, you being connected to your environment, you being yourself among other people in a community, with friends, with your family. Mindfulness is what you are in your most natural state.

Unmind is the principle of living naturally, simply, and spontaneously through subversion and minimal effort. Living in a way which you don't have to think about. Hence the name for the principle - unmind.

Non attachment and akashic power

So now we come to the principle of Unmind, which is based entirely on non-attachment and akashic power.

You access akashic power by giving up control to your environment - both natural and social - and making a commitment to be connected to both your social and natural environment. This is based on complete trust and confidence in your environment and other people in the community and simply saying "Okay, now show me what you can do."

There's a mystical principle involved here on which Unmind is based. The universe and Nature is based almost entirely upon delegation of authority and giving up control to environment and other. This is what akashic power is based on. For example you do not need to exert any control over either your breathing or the beating of your heart. You breathe naturally and your heart beats naturally without you even needing to consciously think about it.

Sure you might make a mistake or someone you trust might let you down. But surely you've already experienced making a mistake or someone letting you down anyway, so we're not breaking any new ground in terms of life experience. Akashic power is based on akasha and is backed up by 38 billion years of biological evolution.

So let's move on to the Figure of Eight and how to access akashic power.

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The Figure of Eight

Mindfulness is also known as 'discipline of faculty' or discipline for short. Therefore in order to achieve mindfulness in any way which is significant or meaningful you're going to have to find a way of developing a discipline as a means of expressing your individuality asnd you're going to need to become subversive (what subversion means is defined on the right or below).

It is for this reason that Qultura methodology is a complete methodology and not a universal method which can be followed by everyone. Qultura is all about the empowerment of individual life experience or individual human experience. There are things you know better than most other people. There are things you have experienced first hand or witnessed. There are things you know how to do better than most other people. There is insight you can share which is going to be beneficial to most other people. All these things can be somehow put together to create a discipline of some sort.

It is on the basis of this discipline that you're going to base any Qultura method you develop. You might be creative, or you might not be so creative, you might be more empathic and supportive and compassionate, which is also fine. Or you might just be interested in meeting people, getting to know them and doing not much more than sitting round talking, drinking cups of tea and coffee, and generally socializing, which is also just as good as being creative and supportive. The bottom line here is a commitment to sharing your individual insight and experience through talking about yourself and sharing your unique and individual experience with others in the community (the Qultura community).

Unmind is based on Primary Social Interaction, which is the fourth universal principle in the second component of Qultura methodology. You can try to develop a Qultura method outside the Qultura community but best of luck trying to find opportunities for primary social interaction out in the wider community. It is for this reason that the Qultura community exists as a freely accessible social environment through which you can quickly and easily develop a Qultura method. Qultura methods are developed through community and dreamweaving to take into account synergy and synchronicity.


Criteria for any Qultura method

How you develop a Qultura method is entirely up to you. There is no right way or wrong way of developing a Qultura method, simply because you're developing a Qultura method on the basis of your own unique life experience and perspective on life through subversion and you are encouraged to explore, experiment, learn and discover and figure out what's good for you and gets you back into being mindful.

The role of the Qultura community is simply to give you access to akashic power and a Figure of Eight (symbolized by Strength above, the Tarot card associated with Eight, which symbolizes akashic power). The community is nothing more than a freely accessible social environment through which you can develop a Qultura method.

Any Qultura method you develop needs to be based on an awareness of the first eight mystical principles of Combined Numerology, which are:

  • Zero (0) - space and non-existence
  • One (1) - consciousness and existence
  • Two (2) - duality and polarity
  • Three (3) - biological evolution and natural growth
  • Four (4) - cardinal direction and flow
  • Five (5) - creativity, drama and authority
  • Six (6) - the Sacred Masculine Principle
  • Seven (7) - the Sacred Feminine Principle

Essentially what this means is that you're coming into the community to share insight with other people in the community and to access insight from other people which is going to be beneficial to you and to 'centre' you, bring you back into a state of mindfulness.

This is the whole point of participation in the community, and that is to centre you and ground you in your natural mindfulness. It is participation in the community without any desire, purpose or objective which completes the Figure of Eight.

Core being

Traumatic Mindsets

A traumatic mindset is any mental, emotional, or psychological state which takes you out of your natural state of mindfulness and Core Being or goes against your Principle (as per the Principle and the Process, the third universal principle in the second component).

There are five traumatic mindsets which arise out of the belief that the Ego is real or the same as natural humanity.

Lust is a fundamental motivation or desire to either objectify, dehumanize, fetishize, sexualize or abuse yourself, someone else or something else for the purposes of gratification, personal fulfillment, personal gain, personal advantage or personal profit which is achieved non-consensually. Understand is also any desire or motivation to seek or gain control or an advantage over another living being or human for the false illusion of power, authority or control.
Enmity is a fundamental motivation or desire to destroy, harm, abuse, cause damage, create division, create or cause suffering, pain, loss, hardship, separate, maim, injure, or even kill another living being or human, use force against them.
Apathy is a fundamental motivation or desire to separate self from other and reinforce separateness through thinking, communication and action or unthinking, non-communication and inaction so as to avoid connection, disconnect or remain indifferent or passive from other and one's environment on the basis of environmental ignorance.
Worry is a fear based traumatic mindset which takes in anxiety, doubt, societal indifference, fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear of other people, self-doubt, a lack of self-confidence, a fear of other people's opinions or reactions, fear of being found out, general insecurity, and through this mindset you are unable to be in a state of mindfulness or focus your conscious attention on anything because you are ruminating and preoccupied by whatever is causing you to worry, be anxious or fearful.
Sceptical doubt
There is thinking, there is feeling, there is even breathing, communication and interaction but the mind is well and truly closed and fixated on an ideological or philosophical belief which forms the basis for reality. This is the traumatic mindset of the small-minded individual who is attached to separateness, Ego and belief cycles who is unable to perceive or recognize either reality or truth. This can be a transient, temporary mindset just as much as it can be a permanent unchanging mindset.

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RAIN Methodology

RAIN methodology is a simple universal tool or technique to recover from a traumatic mindset or move past an unpleasant social encounter or relationship if it's someone else who has the traumatic mindset. RAIN is of course spelled 'R-A-I-N' and is called such as to be a simple mnenomic device to help you remember the four steps.

Things you need to take into account

Before we get into the four simple steps there are a few things you need to take into consideration and keep in mind:

  • As per the Principle and the Process (third universal principle) it's important to keep in mind that your mind is an environment for your memory - which is physical - through which you do all your thinking. Thinking is a physical action. If you find yourself in a traumatic mindset and taken out of your Principle or Core Being, then you can use the technique below to let it go and move past the experience or the mindset and bring yourself back to your Principle. Mindfulness is all about keeping your mind free as much as possible and not cluttering it up with unnecessary thoughts about the past. The experience is recorded into your memory naturally, and ruminating or thinking about it, going over and over and over again is simply re-recording the same experience and pushing you deeper into the traumatic mindset.
  • Using RAIN is not about liberating yourself completely from traumatic mindsets or becoming impervious to them. Enlightenment is not something you need to think about because actual enlightenment always comes from your environment. Anyone who is telling you that you can become enlightened by your own efforts or conscious free will is bullshitting you and trying to sell you a place on their meditation or yoga course. You can only become enlightened by letting go of past karma and seeking out new experiences.
  • In order to become free from a traumatic mindset or past karma you need to find a way of breaking out of your existing thought patterns, belief cycles, and you can only do this by going through a process of individuation - exploration, experimentation, learning and discovery - by being connected to your environment and focussing on something that is not you.
The first step is to recognize that you or someone else is experiencing a traumatic mindset and generating karma.
The next step is to accept that you or someone else is experiencing a traumatic mindset and generating karma. It happens to the best of us.
If someone else is going through a traumatic mindset and you're the object or target of their nastiness or toxicity then the very last thing you do is engage them in some sort of conflict or try to change their mind. This will only escalate the situation. Simply remove yourself from the situation and move on as best you can. You have enough of your own karma to deal with without taking on anyone else's karma.
The next step is to investigate how come you or someone else is experiencing a traumatic mindset and generating karma. What is triggering it? What is motivating it? What was going on before the traumatic mindset developed? What's the story? What was the action or event (karma) which directly led to the traumatic mindset? Learn to dig deep into yourself or other people to get to the narrative and backstory. Don't give up until you have what you believe to be the truth.
Liberation from a traumatic mindset and resolution of karma comes from non-identifying and non-attachment to belief attachments, ideologies, outcomes, images, point scoring, and moral reasoning. You are not a physical object or being, you are not your body, your mind, your emotions, your feelings, your thoughts, your words, or your actions. You are your conscious Principle. You are here to experience the universe, this planet, life, and to be happy.

magic candles

How to develop a magic ritual

If you're struggling with a traumatic mindset or past karma then instead of getting involved in something such as meditation or yoga to centre yourself and bring you back to a state of mindfulness you can actually use a bit of magic. Imagine you were to cross a wide river in a boat, would you prefer to row the boar across the river, or would you prefer to just sail across?

So how does this work?


(Please click the above audio to hear a sound clip)

The mystical principle behind the rituals

The universal principle behind these magic rituals is none other than Creative Law. If you clicked on the audio above you will have heard the sound of a gong being struck. If you listen carefully you will hear the impact of the hammer hitting the gong (trauma) and the gong responding to the impact by producing noise (the ringing). If you listen to it closely you should be able to perceive the sound as waves of alternating sound and silence (cycles) as the ringing fades back into silence. This is karma. Karma is physical activity - in this case the ringing or vibration of the gong in response to being struck by the hammer (drama) which transforms the energy into space, in this case silence.

The exact same principle applies to anything which is living. For example if a dog hears a noise it will immediately react by becoming alert, pricking up its ears and barking. This is a dramatic response to change or trauma, in this case anxiety. Another example is if you're barefoot and you stub your toe on a hard wooden leg of some furniture. You feel pain (trauma) and you become immediately dramatic by swearing and dancing round in circles or moving to ease the pain.

In all these cases you're getting consciousness or space creating a vibration through energy which is felt or perceived by an audience. Consider that the sound you're hearing is being created by the vibration of your ear drum picking up on the energy vibrations arising out of consciousness in the diaphragm of the speaker you're using. The sound is not coming from the gong. This means that you are creating the universe and your environment through nothing more than your sensory perception.

This is where we get into magic. Magic is simply using language and ritual to connect to your environment and align with your natural energies and akashic power. Ritual magic is based on reincarnation, which is about creating new energy and physical form out of consciousness. You probably don't see sleep as anything magical but think about this. Do you not sleep ritualistically? You go to sleep when you're tired and low on energy, right? But do you not wake up with fresh energy?

Using magic to resolve trauma and achieve mindfulness

Unmind is a way of using low level magic and subversion to cycle through individual trauma and return to a state of mindfulness. This is achieved through two different magic rituals:

The Water Sign Ritual
The Water Sign Ritual which you do on your own using the four steps of RAIN methodology to identify past trauma and karma from memory and transform it into a narrative or as a means of sharing insight, non-attaching to the experience or memory, and having something to share in community.
The Fire Sign Ritual
The Fire Sign Ritual is what you do in community through Primary Social Interaction and dreamweaving as a way of either expressing individual truth outwards into an environment (subversion) or gathering insight or energy from the community to develop another Water sign ritual.

How to develop the rituals

Both rituals follow the same four steps as you find in the Creative Cycle of the Creative Law meme, which means that for each ritual you need all four components of the ritual:

  • intention
  • method
  • content (spell)
  • delivery

Please note that in the case of the Water sign ritual delivery can also be seen as an outcome or conclusion.


The Fire Ritual

You develop a Fire sign ritual to gather and harness energy from others in the Qultura community through dreamweaving so as to do your soul work through the Water sign ritual. You can also develop the same ritual in any social environment.

The Fire sign ritual is based on the mystical principles of the three Fire signs of the zodiac (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius), which gives you the following ritual:

Intention (Aries) - 1, the mystical principle of unity through consciousness
The mystical principle is symbolized by the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, a cardinal Fire sign, associated with Mars, the planet of action, and in the Tarot by The Magician in the Major Arcana. Therefore your intention needs to be to connect to other people in some way in the community through consciousness - which means either creativity, or empathy, or both.

Method (Leo) - 5, the mystical principle of creativity, drama, and authority
The mystical principle of Five is symbolized by the fifth sign of the zodiac, Leo which is a fixed Fire sign, and also in the Tarot by the Hierophant in the Major Arcana. You need to be connecting to others in the community doing things you really enjoy and love doing, things that you're good at and what other people appreciate you doing for them.

Content (Sagittarius) - 9, the mystical principle of truth
The mystical principle of Nine is symbolized by the ninth sign of the zodiac Sagittarius which is a mutable Fire sign. You're never going to be able to connect to anyone unless they trust you, because trust is the foundation of a connection together with empathy. Therefore whatever connection you seek with others needs to be based on you sharing your individual truth and narratives or stories through which you share your individual perspective on life.

Delivery - 13, the mystical principle of change
There's no astrological sign which symbolizes 13 of course because there's only 12 signs of the zodiac, which is symbolized in the Tarot by Death from the Major Arcana. You need to come into the community seeking change or a new experience for both yourself and others in the community.

The Community Message Board

It makes no difference if you do a Fire sign ritual at a social event or online via the community Message Board. You're still expressing yourself outwards into a social environment. Plus you can also ask questions and start new threads if you're registered on the Message Boards.


The Water Ritual

You develop a Water sign ritual to develop consciousness and create truth on your own to form the basis of a Fire sign ritual which you can do both within the Qultura community or with other people in your life or social environment. This ritual is designed to work against trauma, suffering and struggles.

The Water sign ritual is based on the mystical principles of the three Water signs of the zodiac (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces), which gives you the following ritual:

Intention (Cancer) - 4, the mystical principle of foundation and cardinal direction
The mystical principle is symbolized by the fourth sign of the zodiac Cancer, associated with the Moon and also in the Tarot by the Emperor. Please keep in mind that you're digging up past memories of experiences wheer you were traumatized, hurt, suffering, and stuff you feel bad about.

Method (Scorpio) - 8, the mystical principle of meta-physical power
The mystical principle of Eight is symbolized by the 8th sign of the zodiac Scorpio and it associated planet Pluto, as well as in the Tarot by the card Strength. You have complete control over your past because it's just in your head, your memories. This is where you use the RAIN method to let go of your trauma from the past, and also, in so doing your fears and anxieties about the future. The only thing that matters in your life is the here and now and the truth you can share with others in the present moment. What you're seeking here is a narrative, something to share with others.

Content (Pisces) - 12, the mystical principle of karma
The mystical principle of Twelve is symbolized by the twelth sign of the zodiac Pisces which is a mutable Water sign, associated with Neptune, and in the Tarot by The Hanged Man. You're never going to resolve any karma or recover or heal from past trauma unless you accept yourself completely and let go of all attachments to beliefs, fears and desires and completely trust yourself and believe in yourself totally.

Intention (Cancer) - 4, the mystical principle of foundation and cardinal direction
Which brings us right back to the beginning of the cycle where the end is also the beginning. There is no need to judge yourself, blame yourself, or hold yourself up to any arbitrary or illusory societal standards. You are who you are, your life is what it is, but it is your past, your story and your individual truth together what makes you the unique and fascinating individual human being who you are today. What you are seeking here is truth, new consciousness, new insight, new perspective.

The Community Message Board

You can get insight and share insight via our community Message Board plus you can ask questions, get information, and do lots of other stuff too.

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