Unmind and unthinking - developing consciousness out of trauma.

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When you pass a puddle on a rainy day you do not intend to cast your reflection in the puddle. The puddle has no mind to retain your reflection. The rain had no intention of connecting you to the puddle. Yet a connection was made between all.

This is the fundamental nature of Qultura methodology.

A Qultura method cannot be followed, because it can only exist when there is a connection such as the one above. Each time you connect to other and your environment, you create a new Qultura method. You create a Qultura method whenever you connect to other and your environment. A Qultura method cannot be sold, or taught. Just as consciousness connects us in reality, and culture connects us as a species, Qultura connects us as individual human beings. In this way Qultura is eternal and timeless.

A Qultura method is what connects you to reality. What you think you're developing isn't a Qultura method, but the ability to create a Qultura method from your individual reality. Nothing is ever the same. You change. Your environment changes. Your connection changes. You are the universe and the universe is you. If you understand this you are enlightened.

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Within you and without you

To understand unmind and unthinking we need to return to the Tree Example and the mystical transaction between consciousness and reality. The tree grows, but the tree also exists in reality. This brings us back to the principle of creativity and interaction and Creative Law, the universal principle of creativity and interaction. The tree grows because it is being created by its environment. Please consider that if there was no environment, there would be no universe, no planet and no tree.

All living existence is a fractal experience, both on a macro level and a micro level. The form and dimension may vary, for example electrons and protons whizzing round a nucleus in an atom, or a galaxy swirling around a black hole in the universe, but the principle of creativity and interaction will always be the exact same.

Through Ego development and also social and mental conditioning we are conditioned to believe that we are completely separate from our environment, other people, and we - as individuals - are a centre of consciousness encased within a physical body with a hard boundary of skin. This is an illusion. Your skin is arguably your most powerful sense when it comes to sensation, and only sight is more powerful a sense in a human being. You see stars in the sky at night, don't you? Those stars are literally light years away.

You are the whole universe which is taking place from an individual perspective in reality - the here and now. There is no separation between you and your environment and other. There is only connection because it is through these connections that together, collectively, we make up the universe.

Let us move onto Core Being which is the next aspect of unmind and unthinking.