Community Standards

Qultura community standards are all about three things - humanity, empathy and community. As dream weaving is a practice which requires connection and unity between self and other the Qultura community is set up to directly address the issue of separateness, i.e. separateness between self and environment and also between self and other. Our community standards give rise to an ethos and a mystical, magical strategy to approach life. The Qultura community is explicitly a subversive community. This is not culture, this is counter-culture.

Tim Leary

"Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream
It is not dying, it is not dying
Lay down all thoughts, surrender to the void
It is shining, it is shining
Yet you may see the meaning of within
It is being, it is being...."

We start with a song quote from a well known Beatles song titled 'Tomorrow never knows'. The opening of this song is based on one of the best known quotes by 1960's US counter culture figure Timothy Leary, a Harvard trained psychologist who was sacked from Harvard in 1963 for advocating the use of psychedelic drugs as a tool for mind expansion. But that's not what's important here. What is really important from a Qultura perspective is his lesser known quote which was just three words...

"Find the others"

Those three words were essentially a meme (the smallest fragment of an idea) which alluded to a much lesser known quote. We will paraphrase the wider quote here...

"Admit it. You aren't like them. You're not even close. You may occasionally dress up like one of them. You may take on the same mindless beliefs like they do. You may even watch the same mindless television shows and consume the same mindless culture. But surely you understand that the more you try to fit in and conform to be a part of their world, the more you feel like an outsider watching the 'normal' people go about their automated, slavish existences living in their 'normal' world which never seems to include you."

Oh for sure you exchange the same stock standard phrases and club passwords like "How are you doing?" or "Have a nice day." yet you yearn to talk about forbidden things such as "What is your greatest struggle?" or "What do you think that deja vu is all about?" Face it. You want to talk to that woman at the bus stop. You want to find out more about the guy who's standing ahead of you in the queue. What if the man working behind the counter in your local shop thinks and feels the same as you do? Who knows what you might learn and discover from a conversation with a complete stranger? Everyone carries a piece of the great cosmic jigsaw puzzle. Nobody comes into your life by mere coincidence."

"Trust your instincts. Do the unexpected. Find the others."

This is essentially the 'core essential' of the whole Qultura enterprise. In order to get into that dream weaving space and environment you need to be able to transcend social and cultural norms, and while you're in the Qultura community take off your Ego, hang it up in the same place where you hang up your coat behind your front door, and come into the community leaving your Ego behind in that safe place inside your home. Don't get rid of it. You'll still need it to play along with the other 'normal' people out there in society and give off the illusion that you're somehow trying to fit in.

Your involvement in the Qultura community starts with the necessity of transcending your social programming and cultural comfort zones to do the equally necessary soul work using the tools you have been given - memory, language and social interaction, together with the tools and resources you can access through Qultura to get to where you feel you need to be in life and also participate in the inevitable changes in your environment and your community. Unlike those who do not participate in the creative process of the unfolding dream we are all a part of, you are not a passive recipient of the consequences of choices made by others and subject to the whims of those in their self-appointed hierarchies. Through the Qultura community you can take back your voice and play a proactive part in this unfolding process.

For centuries we have been enslaved to ideology and enslaved to hierarchy, the various organizations and institutions which determine which belief systems and ideologies are appropriate and which belief systems and ideologies aren't. Both hierarchy and ideology shapes every single aspect of your living existence from everything you do, everything you say and communicate, and even everything you think and believe. Keep in mind this systematic level of control and order does not exist from generation to generation, it also exists from incarnation to incarnation (taking into account reincarnation).

It is the necessity of transcending this 'invisible prison' we are all caught up in which gives us as a community our common cause and something which can give us cohesion and unity as a community. There is no separateness anywhere in existence. If you seek liberation for yourself, then you need to also commit to the liberation of others in community. Part of this process is to participate in community to participate in cultural change and transformation, and to facilitate social progress. There is no liberation for self without liberation of other, for there needs to be a sense of community and social responsibility.

Stealth, infiltration and subversion

Qultura is not an organization and we do not have the people or the seemingly infinite resources of either the hierarchies or large organizations. This is not a level playing field. Therefore we have to resort to stealth, ambiguity, infiltration and subversion to make such a transformation of culture and consciousness possible. This is why we are part of the occult and must follow strategies which are mystical, alchemical and magical.

Together as a community we are placed outside whatever is considered mainstream or culturally normal, and this is part of our social responsibility as a community. All communities of insiders need a community of outsiders for inspiration, for insight, because from this everyone gets hope and hope is a necessity in any society. Just as dreams are a necessary part of human existence. We all need dreams. We all need visions and visionaries. We all need contact with others who see things differently. We all benefit from an outside perspective.

We are not here to protest. We are not here to fight anyone, to oppose anything but to undertake dream weaving practice to transform culture, consciousness and seek to share inspiration and insight in order to live more consciously. It's important not to get caught up in social divisions or cultural conflicts but to find ways of subverting them without getting caught up in trivial stuff or mindlessness which only serves to keep you in your place.

Please keep in mind that culture always belongs to people in community. It does not belong to organizations or corporations. The decision as to what is new culture and what isn't is never determined by the individual or by the organization but is always a community process, s in a community of people. This is how we evolve as societies, this is how we evolve as human beings, as a species.

Community Standard = individual truth + perspective

The Community Standard within the Qultura community comes right down to the Principle and the Process which in terms of everyday language comes down to individual truth, individual perspective (Principle) communicated and delivered through a narrative or a story (Process).

If you have not experienced something directly through the Felt Sense of Immediate Experience, if you have not directly witnessed something and seen it with your own eyes, then it is not your perspective or Principle, and is on the basis of your individual assumption and perception. We do not engage in trivialities or foolishness, we do not try to define anyone other than ourselves nor do we seek to try and pretend that we understand our environment, be it the natural environment, the universe, or society. This is not part of the dream weaving experience.

We come together to share our individual truth, our individual narratives, to share perspectives, to share insight, and to come together and to weave it together into new community insight, new culture and new community awareness and through this we all evolve and we all benefit. This is what the Qultura community is all about.

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